Bowling for Blood Sugars?

Good Morning!

This morning I may have had a fabulous idea (or really bad, depending on how you look at it).
It goes like this:
Why not bowl for blood sugars?
Get together with a bunch of other diabetics, spouses, etc and test the old blood sugars.
Write down the number then attempt to match your bowling score to your glucose level.
This could be both good and bad- depending on if you sugars are high and/or how good of a bowler you are. Winner gets- admiration? prizes? beer? test strips? Obviously that part needs some work.

I’m thinking we should test this out- at least in philly, since that is where I live.
Which brings me to my next point, a shameless plug for the pennsylvania diabetics group.

if you think my idea is good, grab your nearest diabetic and get yourself to a bowling alley! People with poor bowling skills but good glycemic control should kick butt! If you don’t know where your nearest diabetics are- try the group pages! If you are in Pennsylvania- come bowling with me :slight_smile:

Happy Wednesday, guys- I hope your sugars behave today.

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If this idea sucks, (and it may) then does anybody else have any fun social diabetes themed activites?


I kinda like the idea. Even I can bowl a 90 (sometimes!) so I’ll just have to make sure I’m in control!

I am a really bad bowler- breaking 100 is pretty darn good for me, but my bs goal is 120 (assuming I am at goal :slight_smile:
so I have some work to do about that.

i think it would make a interesting charity event instead
bowling for higher numbers might look bad or something, but could get people talking

That sounds like my kind of game… but I’m not even sure I could bowl anything that wasn’t hypo :stuck_out_tongue:

Every time I go bowling normally, it is all I can do to bowl over say- 110. Then there are people who are just naturally good bowlers, and for them to break 200 is not a big deal. I think this levels the playing field a bit-its much harder to bowl a specific number rather than just as high as you can make it.

If you are a horrid bowler, it also encourages better glucose control :slight_smile:

But I like the charity event, Domo- how would you see that working?

cute idea. if the rain shows up tongiht and tomorrow i’ll drag the little ones bowling

Not necessarily if your bowling average is say, 45 :slight_smile:

Now, if it was a 3 game total… I’d be totally fine!

Man, I’d only be able to go in the mornings! That’s the only time I’m on average below 100 and I don’t bowl over that ever! It’d be fun though…

let’s do one in pittsburgh! :slight_smile: