Breakfast ideas

Every sunday I make an egg white frittata (look on line for many receipes) and add a ton of fresh, but finely chopped veggies like spinach, red pepper, green onion…whatever…and low fat cheddar cheese (or I add feta to). I bake it for 30 minutes at 350 and voila! I have breakfast for the whole week. I simply cut a large portion each morning, microwave it for a minute or so and add one piece of toast (wholegrain, small in size) with almond butter or peanut butter. Fills me up and is easy to make and I have frozen it in slices too to take with me on holidays or for a lunch too.

That’s what I do too! Frittata for the week!

I love the idea, thank you! I am such a carb girl for breakfast, but I think I can do this with the whole grain toast and peanut butter. Sounds satisfying. Maybe I can get my hubby who is denying he is a T2 to join me :-).

Yes, my hubby will now make the veggie frittata himself- even better when he cooks for me.

Needed a new idea I’m going to try it this week

What a great idea! I mostly do eggs for breakfast too, but sometimes I just get really, really sick of eggs! I’ve found that I can tolerate a serving of hot oat bran cereal, even with a few berries in it, which is a nice change!

I eat egg whites as well with some toast and maybe a banana. Do your eggs stay "good" all week?

We try to juice as well. I do better with veggies than fruits (obviously). Try to make juice with kale, cucumber, carrots, beets, and an apple for taste.

The eggs are fine for 5 days at least(it's not around long enough for me to say longer.LOL.....I cut the morning portion into smaller pieces so about a minute or less in the microwave is fine. I do admit I tire of eggs too, but I find it so easy I can't help but continue...I am taking a bit of insulin before some meals now, but not breakfast yet. I just re-read Dr. Bernstein's Solution to Diabetes...he is a radical, but there are some good ideas in it...he never eats fruit, but I have some it too much not too. Strawberries, raspberries and apples are high in fibre...I avoid bananas and juice...

I eat eggs daily as nothing works so well with my blood sugar. I don't get tired of eggs as they can be made in so many different forms. During the week I eat huevos mexicana (eggs scrambled with chiles onions and tomatoes) and vegie sausage or else an omelet. On the weekend I splurge and eat eggs with vegie sausage or bacon and a piece of good thick bread or eggs with potatoes, or vegetarian eggs benedict with asparagus and hollandaise sauce on one half double fiber muffin. I don't bother with egg whites or low fat cheese. I never re=-heat eggs as eggs are better fresh. I do make Mee's recipe for a egg tart with vegie sausage, cheese and vegies but again I make it fresh if I wake up early and have time.

2 slices of toast(Healthy Life 90 Cals,16 Carb) ,Kraft 2% American white cheese and 2 eggs(Cage free).Keeps me full till Lunch time and gives a good amount of energy mentally.