What do you eat for breakfast?

I have been experimenting with different breakfasts to avoid my post-breakfast spikes and haven't found anything successful. I am Type 1, on the pump.

I'm curious to hear what others eat for breakfast!

I've become quite a follower of a low carb diet, and so have seen the benefits of having a VERY low carb breakfast, even if I break down later on in the day and eat a...sandwich or whatever.

So for breakfast I usually have eggs. There's roughly 1 carb per egg, so my breakfast will consist of 4-6 carbs, and allow my body to wake up and insulin sensitivity to rise for the paltry cost of around 1.5 units of insulin.

Occasionally if I go higher I'll try to stick with ridiculously slow burning food stuffs for the same reason. Wasa crackers, etc.
If I dare look at anything faster, it's just going to ruin my morning. I'll have a huge spike of glucose followed by a gigantic nose dive when the corrective insulin kicks in.

Do you take insulin for protein? I have tried eating a no-carb breakfast and my blood sugar still spiked after. I know its not a basal issue because I have fasted and found that it is perfect, so I'm not sure what's causing these spikes.

Wow that sounds like a good breakfast Laura! If only I had time to make that every morning before work.

1 egg
2 slices turkey bacon
1 slice low carb pepp farm wheat bread

I also eat low carb, so breakfast is usually two eggs, either fried or poached & cheese. If there are leftover veggies from dinner, I'll make scrambled eggs with vegetables. Sometimes I have berries & Greek yogurt. When rushed, I make a protein shake with unsweetened vanilla almond milk, unflavored whey protein, unsweetened cocoa powder & a little stevia. Very filling. Weekends it's almond flour pancakes or differnt kinds of muffins made with coconut & almond flour. My new favorite is lemon ricotta muffins. Protein & fat with few carbs keep my morning BG stable & prevents hunger. I don't eat low fat anything:) Low fat means higher carbs.

It may sound tasty, but a breakfast like that would spike me to the skies!

My standard weekday breakfast has been less than 1/2 cup of refried black beans, and eggs scrambled with chiles, tomatoes and onions plus my capp with milk - total 20 carbs. But I am working on cutting carbs as I am slowly but surely gaining weight and it freaks me out! So now I'm trying 1/2 vegan sausage scrambled with vegies, the capp and skipping the beans.

Well as I said, eggs do contain a little bit of carbs, as do most things in fact.
Eggs work well for me because the carbs they do have are so nicely locked away and so slow to absorb. Perfect for breakfast.

Without any carbs at all, the insulin will have little to work with and so you may still spike, in that dawn phenomena way.

The way I see it is, I'm still doing the same thing I always did, I'm just simplifying the math. The two main pivotal aspects are reduced in their numbers. Carbs and insulin and so their reactions (both good and bad) are limited.

i could get used to that breakfast. very tasty! skipping of beans: boooo.

I wish I had the time or discipline to eat eggs for breakfast. I eat a Detour protein bar (15 grams protein, 16 g carb, 2 g fiber). Eating the same thing for breakfast everyday is boring but leads to less crazy and unexpected midmorning readings.

I also have learned a creative trick with my CGM. I bolus for the protein bar and wait for my CGM to alert me of a “predicted low” then I will eat the protein bar. This way I am eating the bar when my BG is in the 70s to 80s and my chance of going high have decreased. My DP is sometimes a beast and it takes over an hour for my BG to drop from 110 to eat and other times my BG drops much faster. Just one of those things that you have to learn to work with.

I'm probably a terrible example, but I normally eat cereal or waffles. haha

But this morning a changed things up and had a hot pocket with a cup of coffee.

gotta love college...

I like a slice of Ezekiel toast with peanut butter, one or two hard boiled eggs and coffee.

Jet - In the example you gave, are you absolutely sure that your blood sugar did not go and stay low (<70) during the night? I've found that any night-time low (anything < 70 and longer than 20 minutes or so) gives me a post breakfast high BG with as little as 3-4 grams of carbs.

It is a typical Guatemalan breakfast - I lived there two years. I'll miss the refried black beans so I'll make them for dinner sometime.

For some reason I do well at breakfast even though I eat a large number of carbs:

2 eggbeater omlet
2 slices of sprouted wheat bread with 62 grams of natural peanut butter
1 large cup of tea
1 cup of 1% milk
1 medium to large apple

Total is about 70 net carbs (backing out fiber)


I do low carb and breakfast is often my "best" meal of the day - eggs and bacon, an omelet with veggies and cheese, frittata that I make ahead of time and just cut a slice. If I'm in a hurry, full fat Greek yogurt with a couple of blueberries. I keep the dry ingredients for a low carb flaxseed muffin premade in plastic bags, then just add the oil and egg and pop it in the microwave. No bread, pancakes, cereal, or similar stuff EVER. It's just not worth it, I'm T2 and don't have insulin to make up for the spike. Metformin doesn't work that way, though a lot of T2s think it's supposed to.

Usually two poached eggs and maybe a small cracker - a piece of toast is too much. Also, I can generally tolerate a bit of fruit, like berries or grapes.

Looking back on what I used to be able to get away with eating, compared to now I'm all growed up :D. It's so astonishingly different.
Something was autopiloting me in those days.

I mean I had to REALLY mess up for it to blip on the register.
Now I'm in the same boat as most where my screw ups are manifested physically in how I feel and very quickly.
There's times I still try. The odd occasion where my kids want me in on the breakfast pancakes, etc...It's just next to impossible to make it work these days.

Two egg and vegging frittata. Every day. Forever. Boring, but I've got it figured out at least.

im an adult honeymooner and low ish carbing. i have about 30 grams at breakfast, usually 5 breakfast cookies/biscuits (21 grams) and a yogurt (5 0r 6 grams) and a cup of tea. 0n days when im feeling piggy, two slices 0f toast (20 grams) with butter and a yogurt (5/6 grams). all on one unit of novorapid.
i dont have any weird DP/spikes yet, hoping i can say that for a while....when i read all 0f the real diabetics with their spikes and highs and craziness it makes me think its going to get so much harder. tell me its not. PLEASE!! sometimes i think it would be great if we were just droids, not having to eat at all.