Breakfast Question

I am following Bernsteins diet closely. I am getting a little sick of eggs and bacon and cheese. I know he talks about cooking vegetables. Any other ideas out there for breakfast that would help me? Thanks

I was on Berstein’s diet a couple of years ago but missed the fruit. I’m a T1 on pump and my breakfasts vary throughout the week: old-fashioned oatmeal, Cheerios & berries, cream of wheat, egg & bacon slice, or light toast with an ounce of cheese. On another discussion, most agreed on 35-40 carbs a day. Twelve - 24 is just not enough, I don’t think, although I do like Dr. Bernstein’s ideas.

Hey thanks Margaret, I am a T-2 so I am adjusting so I dont spike too high with the foods I eat and have my pancreas shoot wads of insulin that are not needed, Kinda like a pump only in reverse… Preserve what beta cells I have left. I know I am insulin resistant. I have not been tested yet to see if I am insulin deficient and am working with my endo on that question. Anyways thanks for the ideas. I know, Bernstein makes a compelling argument, But my its the cave man diet for sure… I am loosing tons of weight and my numbers are in the 90’s now most mornings now so its keying in on what I eat so I dont spike. I will try the cream of wheat and oatmeal. Hey have a great New Year!

One of the problems I find with cereals and cream of wheat and such, is not getting enough calories in a breakfast meal, and then feeling hunger later. This morning, I had a 1/2 cup of Fiber One bran cereal (with 57% fiber), 1/2 cup of 2% milk, with a serving of freeze dried strawberries and bananas, and a Fiber One Yoplait Vanilla yogurt… and that was okay. But I still had to have a snack later on, with some more protein.

I dunno if you enjoy such things as cottage cheese, but some people do, and they have that with breakfast along with fruit. (I don’t care for it myself, too much.) Do you always have your eggs the same way? You could have an omellette, instead, or scrambled eggs with a different kind of meat in the morning. Or even, say, a breakfast egg tortilla (for when you have more time, in like the weekends). These bake nice in the oven, or you can do it the Spanish way, on a pan (using a plate to tip it over).

If you use Browberry Bread, for low carbing, you could even make some French toast using truvía (made with Stevia leaf, and it has no aftertaste). I do that, sometimes. Each slice has a total of 6 g of carb. I also use these low carb taco shells, from a brand called “La Tiara” to make breakfast tacos, or to just enjoy tacos every once in a while. They have 4 g of carb per shell. Low carb wheat soft taco shells also make for good breakfast burritos, which you can make with scrambled eggs, tomato, peppers, etc. Even mix in with some sausage, or some other meat, if you like. I hope these are good ideas for you. Let me know how it works.

I do not follow Bernstein’s diet, but I do try to do low carb breakfasts. I hard boil a ton of eggs on Sundays so when I am on the run I can just grab a hard boiled egg (I typically only eat the whites). My new favorite breakfast is hard boiled eggs, take out the yolk and fill the inside with humus. I also make a baked egg dish with all sorts of different veggies and cheese. 6 egg whites, 3/4 c. shredded cheese, any veggies you like (spinach, broccoli, peppers, onion, mushrooms, chives, etc) mix together. Then spray a muffin tin and pour into the muffin cups (makes 12). Bake at 350 F for 20 minutes. They can be frozen and reheated in the microwave. I also add a few drops of hot sauce and have made them with canadian bacon as well. Enjoy!

Good ideas Andrea…I’m gonnna make some of these…ty

Andrea,your baked egg dish sounds great . Have to give it a try. Thanks,Pete

Thanks for the ideas. I have cooked my eggs differnt ways but the brunch egg idea putting the vegetables in is a great idea. Eggs would keep too so I could make these ahead of time. I have tried Arnolds bread but that isnt so great for me and Rice cakes are even worse. I have talked to my Dr about adding a small dose of mealtime insulin for my low carb so I can stay sane. Thanks for your ideas