Food ideas

Breakfast: 20 carbs
(almost all in the fruit)

Poached eggs, 2 slices of canadian bacon, a small tomato (grilled), hollandaise sauce (homemade), 1/2 a pear, tablespoon of Greek Yoghurt and black coffee.

What are you having?

Ooo, those eggs look fabulous! I eat variations of eggs & cheese almost every day for breakfast. Love eggs. I also have pancakes made from almound flour, or almond flourc/oconut flour muffins on weekends when I have more time. I don't eat fruit, except for small portions of berrries every now & then. Too many carbs for me & fructose isn't our friend.

You are making me feel hungry with that picture of your breakfast! I usually have an almond meal muffin with blueberries and yogurt with coffee. I have the muffin and yogurt in a bowl and my mind is tricked into thinking I am eating my pre-dx breakfast of cereal. About once a week I will have scrambled eggs with bacon, but I don't really like eggs for breakfast.

Sorry todd but for myself no fruit or gluten most type 1 should be aware of gluten, tomato are full of sugar its a fruit, dairy full of sugar, try some green veggis with a egg and coffee it works for me no more that 30 carbs a day.

I like the idea of greenie instead of the tomato. I usually have 1/2 a fruit for breakfast and can maintain mid 100's BG. The Greek yoghurt is 5g of carbs per 4 oz, no sugar added only the lactose. The tomato was an anomaly. Thanks for the comments.

The muffin would put me in the stratosphere. I do throw some blueberries in my greek yogurt sometime. :)

yep you will find what works, thats great you can keep your BG in Range way to go. take care bob

Low carb muffins I make with almond &/or coconut flour have 3-5 carbs each. Bet Pastelpainer's are similar.

Lately bacon and eggs <2g of carbs. Those muffins sound good!

Since I'm out of the door by 0700 to go to the gym, I don't do much for breakfast. I may grab a slice of cooked meat or a cchunk of cheese from trhe fridge. I have a coffee at the gym where I meet up with the rest of my "gang". Until the end of the month, [Jan 2012], I'm having to go even earlier, because a railway bridge is being replaced. It's closed a cross town route and caused traffic chaos. Unfortunately my gym is about 3 miles away. Too far to walk in a reasonable time.

Yesterday was Bologna Sausage Gravy (SOS) on a low carb pita. Maybe 10 carbs total. The gravy is with WPI5000 and Almond Flour.
My daily breakfast at work is 2 Kavli crisps with cheese and cold cuts.

Todd, those eggs do look awesome.

I wish I could have your breakfast every morning, *sigh* it looks delicious while I am sitting here eating my roast chicken and kale ...

Hi Kelly I love kale and 1 egg in the morning way to go lots of green veggis are so good for you and will keep the BG Low

Looks yummy Todd. I get bored with breakfast. I eat cheese and a few small crackers. Then I am back to eggs fixed every-which way and then back again. The only thing outside the box I find I like is homemade soup for breakfast. About once a month I do eat one piece of toast. I cant get myself to eat veggies like Dr B suggests but I keep trying.

I tried yogurt but I get to large of a spike but that is an individual thing.


I Think I'm going to make this for dinner. Gosh that looks good.