Brett Michaels on the Celebrity Apprentice!

This season's Celebrity Apprentice premiers tonight and has Brett Michaels as one of the contestants. He's playing for the ADA, specifically, for Camps for Kids with Diabetes. This marks the first time The Celebrity Apprentice has featured a contestant raising money for diabetes (and who also has dm at the same time), so love or hate "The Donald" or Brett Michaels, I find this a very exciting moment.

Since I am on the east coast, I am at an advantage in comparison to those out west, and I do not want to spoil the outcome of the first episode, but I have to say "ROCK ON!" to Brett!!

(It's on your local NBC station, for those who do not know).

Did you watch the episode? He did a fantastic job: Delegated tasks, made decisions that could have bitten him in the rear if they had lost, tried to make sure everyone was on the same page, and worked right alongside everyone else (some project managers in the past have not done that). His biggest failing was not managing the weak link, “Gov. Rod”, who probably should have been kept away from the public when possible, since he tends to return to politician mode when there are people around and not focus on the task. I’m sure there are others who would say that his other biggest failing was that he did not manage his diabetes appropriately, since he had a low in the middle of a diner which was being staffed by a world-class chef. However, all of us know that diabetes and its treatment methods are not completely predictible, no matter what method you use to deliver your insulin. Lows happen. I might not have told the patrons about the low if I had been in that situation, but because they had to edit the 3-4 hours the teams actually ran the diner to a 15 minute segment, I’m sure there is something about that incident we did not see, something left on the cutting room floor that could explain why Bret as open as he was (not that he has anything to hide).

I’ve also gotten the impression that many people think Bret Michaels is not thought of very highly by most members of this group. That’s fine, everyone is allowed to have their preferences. Love him or hate him, though, at least he’s out there, doing something to help those with diabetes. And he shows that (1) kids with type 1 grow up; (2) adults have type 1; (3) adults with type 1 can and do function as regular adults within society. I hope his actions inspires more celebreties with type 1 dm to come forward, raise awareness, and raise money!

Hay maybe he can do a better job than Oprah! I was cheering Brett on. The ADA can use those contributions for sure. The show allowed him to explain a little bit about how he deals with the disease. Better than Oprah.

Brett has always tried to get the info out to ppl! Here’s hoping Brett wins! He’s the one that made me come on out and tell I had it back in the 80’s!

I was impressed with Brett on the show, who knows how hard he worked those three diner hours I would have either crashed or gone sky high from stress. I hope he makes it far or dare I say WINS! As an “old” 1980’s rocker myself I hold up my Glade Scented Candle flame for Brett now. Haha

WOW…doooo doooo dooo dooo…spooky

Bret’s Wikipedia entry also confirmed that today is his birthday. Kind of a cool birthday present, to have your triumph broadcast on national television! I, too, noticed how Bret choked up when he talked about his charity. Beside the fact that he’s been diabetic for more than 40 years now, he’s got another reason to be sad: His daughter, Raine, has been diagnosed with borderline diabetes. He made that statement in an interview with Neal Cavuto on Fox Business News, which you can watch HERE. I’m sure that knowledge weighed on his mind as he competed on the show, even if he didn’t say anything about it during the boardroom.

I really didn’t know a lot about Bret before last night’s episode. I knew he had diabetes and I had heard some not-so-favorable rumours from Rock of Love. But I have to say after last night’s show, I am a fan. I really like the guy. I thought he came off really well, held his own and I love that he’s representing us type 1’s!!! Go Bret!

I met Brett Michaels once. I was 19 and at “First Avenue” (Where Prince shot Purple Rain) in Minneapolis at a Mosh Pitt - It was 1988, and Poison was very big then. I saw him come in, and didn’t recognize him at first (They were still wearing make-up in videos and on stage much of the time then) but knew he must be “somebody” because he had body guards around him.

I walked past him once to get a closer look, and he was checking me out as I did, and then I figured out who he was. I went up to him and the body guards pushed me back and he said “no no - let her in” and I stood up to him - he was the same height as me (i’m 5’3"). He took a hold of my right hand, and looked me in the eyes and said “How ya doin’?” I melted, and was like :“sigh fiiiiiiiiinnneee” I don’t remember much past that, but somehow I left him, and he left the club, and my romantic encounter ended there. :wink:

Funny, i didn’t know he was diabetic until I read this thread.

If anyone wants to hear the story af me playing Barbi’s in a pile of fur coats in Liberace’s fur closet with Liberace, let me know! LOL - that doesn’t have any romance in it, and probably less exciting.

On the ABC website there’s a clip of Bret talking about his charity more in depth. He’s actually raising money for ADA camperships (the same kind of thing Jay Cutler does) which is how it is specified for kids with Type 1. It makes me so incredibly happy to see Bret not just talking about his diabetes nonchalantly on Rock of Love, but raising money for such an important cause that is near and dear to my heart. Bret is an alumnus of the camp I grew up going to and his mom actually is one of our founders. He has always meant so much to all of us, so it means a lot to see him acknowledging how important camp is to kids with diabetes!

I honestly teared up watching him win last night. I am so proud! He showed the Bret that we all know he is! He is such a hardworking person who strives to be the best he can be.

In conclusion, $100,000 is a lot of money! That’s enough to send about 100 kids to diabetes camp! I hope he can win more but I’m so grateful for what he did last night!

Oh, you’re like me: I was not quite 3 months past my 26th birthday when I was diagnosed, so we were diagnosed at about the same age! Of course, that was 17 years ago, so there’s a little difference here. I was told the same thing as you were, that it’s rare to diagnose people with type 1 dm for the first time when they are in their twenties, when I was diagnosed. At that time, I found it to be true: there were very few people my age who had just been diagnosed with dm. You’re lucky in that respect, as there are somewhat more people being diagnosed with type 1 in their 20s and 30s than there were before. And you’ve joined a great community with many friendly people! I know it’s overwhelming being newly diagnosed, but this is a good step you’ve taken for yourself.

HA! HA! Your from the time that’s for sure!! I’m like you I really hope he wins! If so he can help bring the awarness to ppl that you don’t “out grow” Type 1 you just get older with it.

Yes, I read that too in a local magazine – I live “across the river” from where Bret went to high school and they interviewed him about the show back in January. In the interview, he talked about how he went to diabetes camp as a child, how it helped him, and how that led him and his mother to start a foundation to help other children with diabetes to afford camp. I think he and Jay are doing wonderful work.

I also got teary-eyed when he won and even whooped when Rock Solid won! I read through some of the comments made on different websites, and many really discount Bret and his leadership. Many consider him an alcoholic and are predicting that he’s this season’s Dennis Rodman. I don’t see it. I know he can party hard, but to me, he looks like he’s all business, and I believe that he has a good chance to succeed and raise more money for the program!

Don’t need nothing but some good insulin!!!

I love to see Brett Michaels and his hair extensions any day of the week. He does admit to wearing them. Plus you can tell… I am planning on dying my hair the summer.

I just wanted to let everyone who has commented on this thread know about my recent Bret Michaels encounter. My son, is 12 years old, and has Type 1 Diabetes. I have been a Poison fan since the 80’s. Well, I went to one of his concerts, March 25th. In addition to the money he raised on the Apprentice, he sells his personal items, in exchange for VIP passes, where you can meet him. I understand this money is a donation for his ADA Camp fund. I, of course, purchased one, for $100. I just wanted to thank him, as a mother of a child with Type 1, for everything he does. My son, has become a big fan of Bret’s since he was diagnosed 2 years ago. He loves the music, and can relate to him and look up to him because of the Diabetes connection. My son couldn’t come with me, because the concert was in a bar. So, when I was in line waiting to meet Bret, I got my son on the phone, and told him that I would see if Bret would say Hi to him. Of course, he obliged. He spent 3-4 minutes, holding up the line behind me, talking to my son about his Diabetes, etc. He was soooo nice to him. Then he told him that he was going to get some information from me, so that they can send him to Diabetes Camp, “on me”, Bret said. I told him thank you, over and over again. I was just overwhelmed by his kindness. He gave me a hug, and had me leave all of my contact information, etc. I just wanted to share this with everyone.

That is just awesome!! I knew the diabetes camp charity was something he felt very strongly about, but that he spent so much time with you, talked to your son on the phone and then made sure your boy would get to go to diabetes camp using the money he’s raised is truly wonderful. He may not be the poster boy for the “ideal lifestyle” the doctors would want to promote, but you have to give him credit for the hard work he is putting into this charity. As for the Apprentice, I was shocked and wanted to cry when I heard the final total for how much he was donating to the camps – for just the first task. While it doesn’t beat Brandee’s record of $166k or Joan Rivers’ $125k for her charity last year, it certainly comes close.

Have you seen the previews for next week’s episode? It’s one I think will touch every parent of a child with diabetes. If not, then follow this link: and I certainly think it’s worth watching, whether people like Bret and Trump or not!

I grew up on Poison and all those 80’s hair bands. Love Brett! I remember he brought up how he is diabetic on the first season of Rock of Love. I didn’t know anything about diabetes than but I surprised how he could handle the whole rock and roll lifestyle with all the drinking and stuff and being on insulin etc- unless he didn’t really party and drink as much as everyone thinks. There are a few other rockers that have diabetes too. I think one of the guys from Motley Crue.

I haven’t been watching this new show but I did see the commercials and saw him on there. I hope he wins.

I was wondering about whether or not he had hair extensions! I knew it! :slight_smile:

Tommy Lee supposedly has Type 2 but I’ve never heard him talk about it before.

I just got done laughing because Bret put out a press release that he is doing a campaign with Pantene. Which made me giggle cuz he doesn’t even really have real hair.

I heard about the Pantene campaign, too…lol. I’m going to his site to check it out. I have also heard that about Tommy Lee before, but have been a HUGE Motley Crue fan since the 80’s and have never heard him mention it before.

I have seen the previews for this coming episode of Celebrity Apprentice, and since have seen Bret say that his oldest daughter is borderline diabetic. He said that they are controlling it right now with diet, so I am assuming that she is borderline Type 2. I’m wondering if he will leave the show to go be with her. I wouldn’t blame him if he did. He has already won $100,000 for ADA. I also saw that ADA is making him and Honorary Father of the Year at their Los Angeles Gala. My heart goes out to him and his daughter, and I wish them both the best :slight_smile: