Bret Michaels on O & A

Driving into work this morning I heard Bret Michaels (Poison lead singer) talk about his new VH1 show “Rock of Love” on Opie & Anthony. He openly talked about being diabetic. I recommend listening to the replay this afternoon on XM. Anybody seen his show yet? Is it worth taking up the space on my Tivo?

No I haven’t seen it so I don’t know about it but I had hears that Brent Michals had diabetes. It’s nice to know that ppl like that also have to deal with more or less everyday problems. Or that is what it is for us.

I caught this show the other day but it was just another one of those bacholors shows . I probably wont watch it again .

I’m a huge fan of trashy television (I watched flav and new york) so I’m watching this. There’s been two shows so far and he hasn’t tested or done a shot in front of anyone but has mentioned to one of the girls that he was a juvenile diabetic (his words).

I was reading an interview that they did with him. Aparently later on in the show he teaches the girls how to give an injection, and the best ones get to try it out on him. Near the end he actually crashes while on a “date” and the girl has to go and find something for him. I am going to wait until later on and then TIVO those episodes.

I saw one episode and I wouldn’t trust any of those girls to get me an aspirin.

That’s awesome that you found out what I found out just yesterday Bret Michaels is a diabetic too :slight_smile: The show is kinda trashy but I enjoy him and after all it is all about his quest for love. Give it a chance, I had to watch it a few times to get into it.


I opened my mailbox this afternoon to discover Brett Michaels on the cover of both Diabetes Forecast and Diabetes Health.

the show is kinda trashy. and most of the girls on it are as well. i wouldn’t Tivo it, but i do have mine set to remind me of when its playing…(huge Bret fan)

But Bret has always been very open about being diabetic. back in the 80’s when Poison was huge… Bret got into a car accident and everyone said it was because he was drunk. not so… his blood sugars were low and he blacked out.

oh yeah definitly I dont usually like reality shows but this one is kind of entertaining as well as informative. I also love all the cool stuff he puts the chics thru ,I kind of think he is getting the “one” ready for anything by putting them thru hell …try a few episodes u will at least like watching the chics fight with each other!.

Yeah…pretty cool because he was saying that he was late because he was treating a low on the way to the interview.

I watched the show once when I was at my mom’s house - I don’t have cable. It was the first episode, and the one where he tells one of the girls that he is diabetic. Other than that, I found the show pretty trashy and just like all the other bachelor shows.
I saw him in concert once at a country music festival and thought he was decent - I am too young to remember Poison.
I do wish celebrities like him and Halle Berry would be a little more outspoken about their diabetes and methods of treatment - although I hear he still uses NPH so I would not want him recommending that to anyone!

Oh yes, have you been watching him on Celebrity Aprrentice?? All Celebrities on their are trying to raise money for their cause. and his is for Diabetes. Last weeks show he had gotten a call while filming that one of his daughters, her name is Rain. that she may have diabetes, that she is getting tested. this week i beleive it has been said that she does have it. He was in tears on the show. He has had it since he was 6 i believe.