Broccolli does a diabetic good

Diabetes often damage blood vessels due to AGEs .This damage can lead to Heart diseases ,PAD , Kidney disease . The good news broccolli can make the difference. Sulforaphane found in Broccolli can prevent damage to blood vessels and may even reverse damage cause by AGEs. Other cruciferous vegetables offer help . Vitamin K in these veg. also can help protect blood vessels. Vegetables also offer flavor and are low glycemic.

Brocclli is a better source of calcium than milk! Broccolli really does do a body good. Only problem is ,you can’t have a broccolli mustache.

Thank you for this information.The details are very helpful. Pete

I am so glad to hear this. I LOVE broccoli… too much probably. Thanks for posting :slight_smile:

Also studies have shown eating foods with turmic and curry can help protect arteries as well. It is curcumin in these spices that protect the arteies . so let’s spice things up.

Why do we stast adding some reciepes for broccoli.

Broccoli makes great slaw and of course the top are great with ranch dressing . However , the stalks outer layer has tuff fibers that can irrated the lining of the digestive system if not cooked . On the other hand the more they are cook the more nutrition is lost. However , most of it leaches out into the water. .So don’t trough the water out use it in other cooking such as soupsor even just let the water cool and drink it.Most leaching out is with in as little as 3min.

I think I read somewhere that if you microwave broccoli you keep the goodness in. Even steaming can leach out the nutrition.

The trick is to not over cook them reguardless the method of cooking. I often stir fry them.