Interesting article on benefits of broccoli

Well I love the stuff, good reason to keep on doind so…thanks for sharing the info

Hi Rob,
Thanks for the article. We have broccoli at least four times a week here at our house. It is good to know it is so good for us. When others are going for dessert, one of my little grandsons asks for the green stuff with icing. He means the fresh broccoli with a little ranch dressing to dip it into. We all love it. Now here is another reason to keep on enjoying it.

Well I love broccoli as well but have to tell you when I was small my idea of dessert going out was two big scoops of Ice cream! Great that your grandson is learning good dietary habits so young.

When I was first diagnosed with diabetes, one of my “free” foods was a bowl of cooked broccoli with a a little melted cheese in that. This info gives me good reason to get back in that habit (though I do find ice cream and snickers slightly more tempting…). Broccoli wins!!!