BSC Finally Joined!

I’ve lurked here for a while an finally joined. I’ve had diabetes since 2005 and consider myself a fairly diligent and informed diabetic. I have been diagnosed as a type 2. I am currently on Metformin and Byetta, follow a low carb diet (formerly a very low carb diet) and do weight training regularly.

I do like to discuss diabetic related topics, so I look forward to discussing things.


ps. That is not really me in the photo. I actually have bigger ears.

aww, bsc, your profile is set to private! I welcome you here. I see you’re from Herndon. I lived in Alexandria the first half of my life. We are a beautiful supportive community here, we are looking forward to seeing you (and Alfred E. Neumann) in many discussions here. Please tell me if you have any questions about the site.

Hello Brian and welcome! I live very close by and get out to your area pretty regularly. Glad you decided to join! You’ll be happy you did. :0)

Yay for the low carb diet! Glad you joined!

Don’t take my privacy personally. I do appreciate your welcome. I look forward to participating in discussions.

Welcome Brian! Glad that you joined us! Thanks for finally showing “your face”!

Stacy, thanx for the welcome. Yes, it does look like you are nearby.

Hi Brian! Welcome to the site. This place is full of fun and supportive people. I have learned so much here. You will too.

Welcome! aboard…Brian.

Hi Brian!
It’s great to see you’ve decided to join! This is a wonderful community with lots of support!