BS's change for now reason?

Yeah well i have been noticing lately that my BS’s go up for absolutely no reason sometimes.

Because I’ve noticed that i could be at 144, and go hours, i mean literally hours, without so much as touching food, and then i check my blood and its at 200.

I don’t understand why? i mean if my blood sugar is at 144, and i don’t eat a single thing, and i don’t drink a single thing (except for water, that’s pretty much all i drink), and my blood sugar goes up to 200, why?

I don’t get it, does anyone else have this problem, or know how to fix it?

that happens alot with me too, but usually its because i am very restrictive with food, sometimes when you don’t eat glucose dumps into your body and causes your blood sugars to rise. This is why eating small portions every three to four hours instead of large meals is important to keep your bs balanced. I will be in a studio class in university and not eat for hours and my blood sugars will spike, but then when i eat a little something they will gradually come down.
Good luck!

Most need both a short and long acting insulin, it sound like your long acting insulin needs adjusted. Even when you don’t eat your body is dealing with sugar.

Michelle is right. Your liver is still in action even when you don’t take anything in and it makes it’s own decisions even when you don’t eat. I would take a look at the basals also and do some adjusting. Also we should not do without food on a regular basis. I eat three times a day, but on a regular schedule. My daughter eats five times a day on a regular schedule, but stays very thin. The fives times a day works best for her. You will have to find what works best for you