Bubbles in my infusion set

For months, and maybe years, I’ve had a problem with bubbles forming in the tubing, sometimes as long as 5 or 6 inches. I didn’t catch this until recently, so I was getting unexplained highs several times a week. I use a MiniMed Paradigm pump and Quick-set Paradigm infusion sets. Now I check the tubing at least twice a day. Has anyone else had this problem?

i use the same pump. but i use the silhouette infusion set. still, i understand your issue as i used to occasionally have the same problem. now, when i fill my infusion, the first thing i do is push an extra amount of air into my insulin vial; then i turn the reservoir upside down and pull the insulin into it (more than i need); then i push back on the plunger and push some of the insulin back into the vial. i tap tap on the reservoir letting all the remaining air bubbles to rise to the top and i push more insulin back into the vial so that the air bubbles go out along w/ the insulin.

when i follow through the set up, and the pump asks me to fill the plastic infusion tubing, i allow for a lot of the insulin to pass through the tubing and out of the end. i look carefully at the tubing, then, and make certain that there are no air bubbles remaining. if there are, i do one of two things; i take 2 fingers and push down on the tubing to push any remaining bubbles out, or i will continue to tell the pump to empty out more insulin before attaching the tubing to the insertion site. or i do both.

if at any point during the week i notice bubbles (empty spaces) in my tubing, i detach from the infusion site and have the pump push the insulin out until the bubbles pass through. if this doesn’t do the trick, maybe there is something wrong with your pump (?)

hope this helps a bit.

I’ve had the problem with my trusty Cozmo (now in its eighth year). The bubbles usually show up either about 10 units in to the new cartridge or when the cartridge is down to under 20 units. I look for them and push them out but no longer worry about it. It’s just part of the cost of doing business with a pump.


What is your technique/process for filling your insulin reservoirs. Do you do anything different from Medtronics suggested method covered in the video below?

Thanks Daisy Mae - that’s all good advice!

The medtronic ‘connection’ pieces always gave me more bubbles than my Animas. I do suggest looking at some videos, and make sure you ask them for their tips on bubbles!

Make sure the insulin vial is at room temperature, don’t take it straight of the fridge & fill the plastic reservoir.

Use a metal biro or pen to tap the reservoir while filling to dislodge any bubbles that are forming so they go to the top of the vial. I got this tip from another user, metal against plastic works better.

After priming, check the tubing carefully for bubbles & prime more tp expel them if present.

I check my tubing each day for bubbles, & I never see any. However when I change out the reservoir there are usually many small bubbles in the left over insulin, this is partly why I never run the reservoir down to empty.

Thanks everyone for all your good advice. I think the consensus of opinion is that the problem lies with the infusion set. If I didn’t have to wait on Medicare until 2017, I’d go with Animas now.