Build a Bear has an insulin pump!

i was looking at the build a bear website looking for accessories to put on my bears. i came across an insulin pump!

how cool is that??? i also found one for hearing aids which i bought as i wear them. i saw one for a wheelchair, etc. its cool that they have stuff like this. thought i share something fun with you guys :slight_smile:


hehehehehehe. (Its totally a Medtronic pump.)


either way i am having it lol…maybe they didnt realize it was a medtronic pump. what model is it? it doesnt look familiar.

hehehe. I am certain its an old Medtronic Paradigm 511. Its from 2005. I used to have one.

cool! im new to medtronics as i did have animas from 2010 till last year. but that pump looks cool…archaic tho

Isn’t that a 711; not a 511? The area where the reservoir goes in, looks like it protrudes too far to be the 511.

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I think the 512/712 is the first model with circle shaped buttons, like the bear has.

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you guys are right. Its this - the 512/712.




I started out with the 506 and about a month or so later got the 507. Then I think I got a 508 and definitely remember getting a 515, whereas my wife got a 511 ahead of my 515. Then it was on to the 523, and now a 530. The 530 has been the most reliable of all of them.

thats a lot of pumps! ive only been on the animas ping, vibe and now the medtronic 630G

Maybe you’d be interested in this too.

I am simultaneously horrified and delighted by these bear-abetic things. They are both morbid and saccharine. Wonderful. Simply wonderful.

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i like that they have stuff like this…it will make a kid or an adult smile :). i cant wait until monday when it arrives

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There is also the American Girl Diabetes Care Kit


cool…i would love to get an american girl doll and get this set. that would be cool

post your bear when you get it!

I think we can thank Medtronics for Jerry the Bear. One year they mailed me one (stuffed toy), without me knowing why. I donated it to local Diabetes camp.

i will…it will be on one of my build a bear i already have :)…but ill have the whole insulin pump and hearing aids on the bear :slight_smile: