Bullied to High Blood Sugar :(

So i thought this girl was my friend…
And she ended up being the cause of random high blood sugars at lunch everyday.
She was the friend of my best friend, and i thought we were gonna be good friends too. Apparently not… She said mean things about me behind my back, then acted all nice to my face.

She said i had thunder thighs, called me chubby, made a comment on like everything i wore (sweatshirts, shoes) AND made the comment “Do they think their cool?” when me and my boyfriend had to take our shots at MY HOUSE, after DINNER. I mean, sorry i have to take a shot after i eat, sorry i’m diabetic and its important to MY LIFE. AND HIS. Did she want me to go to my OWN BATHROOM to take my SHOT? ughhhhh.

So she always made me nervous whenever she whispered or laughed around me, i always thought it was about me.
I have lunch with this girl, and i sat right by her because of my friend.

So after i came back from thanksgiving break my blood sugars went up to like 200 at lunch. Which they never do. I told my mom after a few days, and that day i went to a job shadow for school. MY BLOOD SUGAR WAS 108! When my mom piicked me up, I told her. She said that it made sense because she had called my endos and they said that its probably this girl bullying me and the stress leading up to lunch that makes me go so high (at about 1 pm i’m back to normal) and i didn’t go high while shadowing was probably because I didn’t have to worry about going to lunch with this girl…

So i set a temp basal of 110% when i returned to school the next day and was normal. It was totallyyyyy this chick harassing me and stressing me out that made me high! A personal first for me. The bullying has stopped now and i’m back down. Thank god! Not only did this dumb girl raise my sugar, I started dreading going to school and i love school! It was bad ahahah.

Has this happened to anyone else before? I think its kinda funny how even our bodies can retaliate to someone else’s actions.

I have went through this all throughout my high school years, but you know the only reason why this girl is saying things like this is because she has her own insecurities. You are clearly a pretty girl and you take care of yourself, and girls like that usually get on with that behavior out of jealousy, or they are not receiving enough attention - either at home or from their peers.
The best thing to do is just ignore and laugh at the situation; don’t let a person like that make you feel like you are vulnerable because that’s exactly how they want you to feel. Do your own thing and ignore the crazy bitches :slight_smile:

Hi Carly,

Wow, sorry that you had to deal with this girl. Sounds like someone to avoid.

Stress (of any type) definitely makes me insulin resistant. My doctor also recommended a 110% temporary basal whenever I know that I will be stressed. It’s good to have ways to cope because stress isn’t always avoidable.

Go Carly!!..you are in charge of your life and your Diabetes!!!

I feel you…stress will do it every time!!! Whenever I am stressed I run higher. It’s great you were able to recognize what was happening and deal with it. Great Job!

Just when you think your numbers are under control, bam! They are all over the place and cant figure out why. I have been a diabetic for 21 years and have had this happen all the time. Stress is everywhere whether you realize it or not and its how you handle it that affects the way your blood sugar reacts. I used to let things bother me but now I realize my health and my life are way too important to let the little things get in my way. You have to be tough and dont let negative people affect you. As much as it hurt I had to let go of a few close friends over the years because who has time for all the stress and drama!

Never ever go and hide the fact that you have to take insulin shots, no matter how people respond - it’s not like you chose to live with the condition that you are living with. People who do not respect the fact that you have diabetes and are trying to make the best of it on a daily basis are just narrow-minded and judge life only by their own frame of reference. Anyway, your story is interesting. Good to see you made it through with your pride intact. Nice touch on the temporarily increased basal dose…

Babe dont let noone bully you for God sakes your diabetic and that means being part of the fighters club having to take injections everyday that would have to mean being as strong as a bull.lol I kill myself.
Seriously stress does all sorts to sugar levels so the best thing is to just stay away from people that have nothing better to do with their life because at the end of the day we are fighting a bigger monster that would crush her to pieces if she ever got it.lol
Be strong dont let anyone bring you down because you are part of the fighters club,xxxxxxxxxx