So mad!

here is what happend....

i was eating crackers at school one morning cuz i was 53. this girl who i thought was my friend said i havent eatin all day. i told her im low. she replied saying i havent even eatin breakfest. i again told her i was low. she then replied saying so you have to eat alllll those crackers? i told her yes and she said wow in a sarcastic voice and rolled her eyes at me. i then wrote on a peice of paper.... " you know i cant give u any food so why do u keep asking. you always ask me to give u my food but i cant cause im low and it cost money. can you please stop acting like u know what i am doing and tht what im doing is wrong. sometimes it feels like your just my friend to get food". she looks at me rolls her eyes and says wow i cant belive you just said that. she got up to go somewhere so i moved to the table behind me to sit with my guy friend. well she is now telling people that she asked for a cracker, i said no, she said ok and left me alone. then i wrote her a mean letter. non of that is true but people belive her and no one is talking to me

People that are close to me, know that I don't share my snacks. Now we just laugh about it, but they still know that diabetics don't share their food. :)

When I was in Grade 8, my mom used to give my teachers chocolate bars to keep in their desk in case I had a low. One day, I told the teacher I needed one, and a boy sitting near my desk joked that he was low too and also needed one. The teacher yelled so loudly at him that his hair practically blew back. He was mortified. I happily ate my chocolate bar!

Now you know ahe is NOT your friend. If you want to keep this relationship, call her aside. Tell her you will not accept lies in a "friendship",periiod. Then if you want calmly explain to that her she does not have diabetes and and that she obviously does understand what you have to do to stay healthy ( and upright in school). Tell her if she is hungry, she can wait on a cracker to eat. If you wait, you pass out. If she does not attempt to rationally reconcile the issue, put her in the wind. You are a smart girl. You do not NEED her type.

I was a little "nerdy" and not exactly a social butterfly in high school. It got much better when I went off to college, got in the part-time working world and met a far more diverse, intelligent and accomodating crowd. It will get better, honey.
Do you still live n Lawrenceville?.. I am originally from Smalltown Ga , too , so I have experienced these things (lol)

God bless,

I meant "obviously does NOT understand". How did the day go?

ya i still live in larenceville and ok. my dad got in a wreck this morning


ya. some guy turned in front of him. his car got distroyed and he has to wear a boot thing but othher then that he is fine. and ya i went to school. this all happend at like 6 in the morning. my dad ended up going to work then to the doctors then to work again.