Anyone Else Getting Into Trouble?!

Ok so last night my blood sugar was 477. I was playing volleyball at my grandmas church and forgot to put my pump back on after playing. Oops…Anyway, when my blood sugar is high it kind of changes my personality. I just get really mean for some reason. The fact that I really cant help it makes it so much worse.
So back to last night. Last night my 3 little cousins spent the night. Ashlyn whos 10, Autumn whos 9, and Baylon whos 5. It wasnt my choice to have them over either, because Autumn had already been there the night before. This was all my moms doing and last night she just kept asking me to do a ton of stuff and then there was the 3 kids wanting me for who knows what until finally my mom said for me to do yet something else and I just said “Mom! Just chill for a sec!” which I had been trying to say a little nicer before but she was on the phone and not listening. And like I said, I get mean when my bgs high. My dad heard what I said and I got lectured about how I need to be more respectful. He didnt hear anything else that happened though! It made me SO mad that I got in trouble just because my blood sugar was high and it made me act differently.
Another thing is my dad just doesnt understand what its like to have high blood sugar. And he never will! He’s not the diabetic of the family. I am. He has no idea how I felt last night.
This isnt the first time something like this has happened either.
Does anybody else have this problem?

Hi Brandi: :slight_smile:

Ack! Poor you. High blood sugar and 3 Kids trying to get your attention. Before I started on these new Insulins I used to feel bloated, nausea, tired and usually a headache when I had a high. If I get the occasional high now, I just feel grumpy and pretty tired. Lucky I love Kids. :slight_smile: Through the years, whether feeling Good or Blah, I’ve had to look after and entertain countless little ones that People have brought over. Actually, they still do. :smiley: Oh well, you only live once.

No one else knows how a Diabetic feels unless they have Diabetes. I hope that you are feeling Better Hon. Sorry that you got a lecture.

Oh, my Favourite sports in High School were Volleyball, Track and Gymnastics.

sounds like it was a little hectic! I get lethargic when I’m high. Maybe you could explain to your dad today what happened. I hope your numbers are better today.

Nice one, Jim!

Brandi, why not have your parents read your post? You are SO RIGHT that no one else but a fellow PWD truly “gets” what it means to experience the ups and downs of diabetes. That, however, can make for an isolated life unless everyone you know has diabetes.

We can–and should–expect other people to empathize. They have that opportunity only when you share how you’re feeling (in a calm, rational way after those annoying little crumb crunchers have left the building and your mom hangs up the phone).

Geez, I think I’ve lived around my mental health counselor husband for too long! (PS: he never gives me an iPod touch when I apologize for a diabetes meltdown. Jim, what am I doing wrong?)

I’d try to explain to them exactly how it feels, and to cut you some slack. I’d just ignore them next time, what I do when I’m having sugar issues… I’d rather get myself in check.

I would make a copy of your post and let your Parents read it. They need to see it. Good luck :slight_smile:

ughhhh i TOTALLY empathize with you! i get really moody when my BG are swinging all over the place too. The bad thing is I hardly ever notice my moodswings until someone mentions how “bitchy” I am being or “hey are you PMSing?” ( thats just a lovely one to hear). But what people dont realizs is that diabetes really does effect out mood! I get cranky and apparently mean too when my blood sugar is really high. I hate how i feel when i am high. I just want the high to go away! leave me alone and let it come down and I’ll be fine. If someone interrupts me mid-correction or right after i test as see that shocking number of 350, i tend to get really anxious over my BG and take that anxiety out on people. I understand what you are saying about your dad. If only the people around us could step into our shoes for just a moment and see what we have to live with constantly.

But alas! have no fear, for all of us here at TD can vouch for ya, we’ve all been there : )