Burning like a mother trucker?

So putting on a new pod, sometimes it stings a little but goes away very quickly… Today that was not the case… I changed my pod and put it on my stomach a little higher than usual and oh my goodness I thought I was going to die. There was a line from head to toe of INTENSE burning pain once the cannual inserted. I now look like a mess after crying my eyes out in pain. This was very odd for me and was wondering if I should change the pod, it does now feel fine. Does anyone have an idea what may have happened?

This had happen to me once in the same area of the abdomen, It did hurt a lot, but It got fine. When I took if off for the pod change, the area in the cannula insertion spot was bruised.

thats what im scared of happening if i go to the pod. I wonder if it could hit a vein and do damage and not know it

The cannula likely hit a nerve (literally), but since it is somewhat flexible it eventually moved away. I once had it happen on my arm site but had to remove it within 10 minutes because I could not stand the pain. Also happened the first time I tried to use my lower-back, where I have very little fat tissue.
I’d say if the pain is gone AND your BG measurements are OK, then leave it.

The cannula its very small. If it hit a veins it will not cause you any permanent damage that it could risk your life. You as many of us, will feel pain for a little while, and maybe a very small bruised in the cannula insertion spot, that you could get it with the insertion of any cannula of any pump.

This has happened to me once on my abdomen in the nearly one year I have been using the pod. Sometimes I get some pain at insertion, but it goes away quickly. This time it did not stop, and after 10-15 minutes, I had to remove the pod. I got some bleeding, but it stopped pretty quickly. I changed sites, and everything was fine.

It is still uncomfortable, but I of course only had the one extra pod with me to change today, so I will have to wait until I get home to change it. Oh I am miserable. I cant move or touch the pod with out alot of pain.

Oh… Linzie! I know what you’re talking about! This happened to me too. (Sounds like the exact same placement… a bit higher than I normally do… on my abdomen.) I haven’t breast-fed any babies for 17 - 18 years, but I swore I had mastitis again! I called my endo and the Omnipod trainer. I was only 3 weeks into using the system, so I was more nervous than I would be now. I discontinued that pod after bearing the pain for two days. Even after I moved it to a completely new area, I still had “mastitis” for a week or more! I was embarrassed to tell them my story. How could this pod make my breast hurt? It wasn’t THAT high up on my body! LOL. (I mean, I’ve thought that could be cool, but ewww.) Freak thing, to hit a nerve…

Where our story differs is that my experience didn’t happen immediately. It was a few hours later. I must have had it so close to that nerve and then moved the wrong way or something. I’ve never had it happen since. You’ll be ok, but I recommend getting that thing off as soon as possible.

Sorry you experienced that.

Sucks, That has happened to me, but not for several months. At least you can change the pod soon.

Mine does this when I get it too close to a muscle.

Happened to me to when I got to high in the stomach area. -----------Mother Trucker!!!-----------Something like that.