Butt Sites

Hey, all!

Today, while I was putting in my site, I was doing some thinking. During a meeting with Dr. Scheiner, he mentioned putting me sticking sites by myself in my butt. I was skeptical at first, but now I'm slowly figuring out to perform such a task. But it involves a lot of twisting. Does anyone else do this? If so, do you have any suggestions on how to make it easier? Thanks!

I've tried a couple, and ended up with bent canulas. Got my daughter to do one and it was fine. So... no suggestions from me but I'd love to hear some!

I’ve never used anything but(t). :wink: Well, I use thighs too but mostly tush. I just twist to the left or right and stick myself wherever I can reach. I’ve never had an issue and have been doing this for 12 years. I also use my upper tush/lower back for my dexcom sites (FYI). I actually cannot use my abdomen for anything, not even injections as I’m too muscular in that area and prone to hematomas.

I find a mirror helps me with the harder to reach/view locations, then I don't have to contort as much.

The type of insertion set you use makes it easier. For example, inserting an angled set manually (e.g. the Comforts) is hard to do because of the awkward position. But if you use the stainless steel or a set with an inserter, all you have to is press the button and go! I usually put them above the area where I will feel pressure when I sit. In my experience, since my bum is muscular from running, my sites used to kink more in that area (not any more since I switched to metal). If it's your first time, observe your BGs when you use that area. Everyone is different, but the absorption there is not as good for me. Some people love it though, so try it!

For my butt (to give my abs and side a rest) I tried the Comfort detach sets. They go right in and have a second part, a few inches wway from the infusion site for the detach. That way if you detach to bathe whatever, you don't have to be a pretzel. I find that the metal 90 degree set is much shorter than the angled so it really isn't a big deal. No but(t)s about it

I'm not sure if I can use the 90 degree sites. I'm somewhat lacking in subcutaneous tissue.

At least try one. I no longer have my working body (ballet dancer) but I am slim and I find the 90 degrees work fine. Again, I have more subQ in my butt than my abs. The cannula is really really short, shorter than the angled ones. Another positive about the 90 degree sets: if they pop out, yuou can just pop them back in. I used to get frustrated if an agnled set slid out if I was sweating alot.

Maybe ask your CDE for a sample of the 6mm insets - they're tiny!

Hmmm. I'll think about it.