Pump site gone wrong

Okay so I have been using my legs for quite a while and I’m beginning to get some lumps so I decided to try putting it on my butt this morning. I have never felt so much discomfort with a pump site. I felt like I was aware of it all day and I kept feeling like I might accidentally rip it out every time I sat down. I also felt a stinging sensation, which I still feel even though I removed it when I got home from work. Anyone else have a similar experience? I need a new site and don’t love using my abdomen. Help!

I did - and I didn’t even go quite so far ‘back’… It was an impossibly uncomfortable experience, I ended it early, and won’t go back there again!

Try your love handle area on your back.

How low were you on the bum? I find that sometimes even an inch away can be a totally different experience.

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i love my back. like way up there, in the lumbal area. i barely feel it there. depending on what pump and where you wear it, arms and boobs are also an option.

perhaps u need to try different sets. what are u using?

I use the rear end all the time, like half the time. I just make sure I’m not going to sit on it. I have my husband do it for me with the inserter. Plus the insertion hurts way less than the abdomen. I use Accu-chek Ultraflex, they are luer lock sets that come in a variety of cannula lengths and tubing lengths.

Actually my question would be: how do you manage to insert an infusion set in these less accessible areas anyway? Are you looking in the mirror or something? This has been one of my biggest complaints about the pump vs MDI. With injector pens you can stick 'em in just about anywhere. I used to use the back of my upper arm, “love handles” on my lower back, my butt–wherever. But infusion sets–not so much. With this more complicated gear, tubing, insertion device etc., you’ve got to see what you’re doing and be able to reach it comfortably to do it, and the thing has to end up somewhere where you can easily detach/re-attach it for showering and so on, not to mention the tubing needing to reach a convenient a pocket where the pump can reside. With all that, most of my old favorite spots are pretty much off limits. Or am I just not as good a contortionist as I need to be?

Ah, spousal assistance. My wife’s a bit squeamish about the whole business though. I had shoulder surgery when I was on MDI and my whole arm was immobilized for a couple of days, so I convinced her she could jab me with the injector pen without doing grave harm to me, herself or our relationship. But she was very glad when I got my mobility back.

well, i actually do my back pretty blindly. just stick it in, man, and then i usually bend a bit so that the sticking part is used to me being stretched, not that with the next bend over everything falls off.
but i know i am young and can probably do moves that some of our older members can’t. if i am scared to hit a multi-used-area, i go in front of the mirror. but its really not much wizardry.

Yes, for me it definitely invovles using a mirror and also only trying for spots I can “reach” well enough to connect/disconnect.

I think it depends on the nature of the inserter for the infusion set you using. How easy it is (for you) to use one handed? Personally, I did not have any problem doing a one handed insert of my Quick-set infusion sets under my upper arm. The trick there was routing the tubing after the set had been inserted. :scream:

Usually I would route the tubing under my shirt and out again and keep the pump in a shirt pocket. But obviously I don’t care what I look like in public. Having bits & pieces sticking out … well, I figured if it was a concern someone would say something. I don’t recall anyone ever doing so. :smirk:

Now if you want a trick that requires great flexibility, try setting up an Enlite CGM sensor on your upper buttocks. It’s not so much the initial insertion, as the overtaping after inserting the sensor. I haven’t figured out a way to do that which doesn’t require both hands. And I am no longer able to get both of my hands into that area of my body.
<sigh />

those are cannula-type sets which means the tubing in your body will always be larger than if you used a steel needle type. You can buy a luer-lock version of the Sure-T. It’s made by Unomedical and is called the Contact Detach. The needle is more comfortable because it is SO MUCH THINNER than a cannula. I used to use cannula sets and switched exclusively years ago to the Sure-t. I rarely feel it. I couldn’t say that for the cannula sets.

I want to like the bum…but it just never feels right. [INSERT JOKES HERE]

Just like you, I’ve seen people use their rear as a site and I would love to have an extra place to use in my rotation. And just like you I am always aware of it when it’s there. My abdomen works great…but when I’m trying to give it a break I will put it in the back of my arms on the fatty side (not the super muscular side).

i am a contortionist when it comes to putting on my dexcom cgm sensor. it is near impossible for me to locate any body “fat” for the fluid readings. i end up hitting a muscle, a nerve, a blood vessel. now i twist around 180* and stick it in the lower part of my back near my hip. i need my husband to put on the tegaderm tape for me. so far, so good. but, i don’t know how i will rotate from this site. i sleep on the opposite side, so it won’t work there. i’ve been considering my arms btw my shoulder and my elbow.

and, of course, i have to rotate my pump at the same time. UGH.

Okay, I’m pretty new to pumping (3 months). I have a question… is it actually in your butt cheek or more like your lower back? I want to stick it straight in my booty cheek (high enough so I don’t sit on it, of course), but I don’t know if it will work. I’m just curious and slightly confused.

my favorite spot for my metronic silhouette is my lower abdomen on the left side. it is the skinniest part of my body, so i have no clue as to why it is the most comfortable area. it just is. unfortunately, to avoid crating scar tissue, i know i need to rotate, rotate, rotate, ugh, how i hate this. other parts of my abdomen are hyper sensitive to the introducer needle. you’d think it would be the other way around. so be it.

but, what i really want to respond to is spousal assistance. i am too lean in the belly area to attach my dexcom cgm. i end up hitting muscle, nerves, blood vessels. i need to totally contort myself and twist around to the back side, where i have some good flesh for injection. it is a circus-like feat to perform this insidious trick. but, i am able to do this w/out help. BUT, what i simply cannot do, is attach the Tegaderm tape over the sensor/transmitter on my own. and believe me i have tried. i want to feel self-sufficient and reliant. unfortunately, this is not the case. i rely upon my husband for this part of the procedure. and he is getting pretty good at it, i must say. also, it has been suggested to me that i try using my upper arm (btw the elbow and the shoulder) for my cgm. i will need my husband to pull up the skin in order for me to inject the sensor. he is not so keen on this idea. we’ll see. i’ll let you know.

Yes, that’s a fine place. I like to think of it as just below the waistband area. I also use the love handle area just above the waistband. Keep moving your infusion sites around within each area - a little up, a little down, a little left, a little right. At the same time, move from one side of the body to the other.

If you get too comfortable with one area and keep going there, you will eventually develop scar tissue and lose the ability to absorb insulin there.

I’ve been able to insert and apply the overtape for an Enlite sensor sorta, kinda near the back of my upper arm three times so far. I live alone and I can’t usually contort my body much due to inexplicable muscle pain. I use the top of a mid-back high desk chair to push the back of my arm around so I can insert there.

You have probably already watched all the “insert a dexcom in your arm” vids like the one below, yes?

i have not yet tried the upper arm for my sensor. i watched the video in regard to what you are describing for insertion. i think tomorrow, thursday, i will try another spot on my lower back, rushy/hip area, as i have some decent flesh there, and the one i put on last week stayed on the entire 6 days (so far, so good). i will have my husband put on the Tegaderm over the sensor.

i have done a trick that i am very proud of: i took and old sensor and traced around it on top of the tegaderm so i could make the shape right to fit over the transmitter (to expose it). it fits like a glove. before, i was over-estimating how much i’d have to cut the space open, and every time i over-ball-parked it and that caused me to have less adhesive. now all is well, and my husband did a surprisingly good job. i hope this new spot will work w/out falling off or feeling uncomfortable. we shall see.

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Yep. Just for whatever it’s worth, below are links to two videos doing this with opsite flexifix tape. You might consider creating a template as described in the first video. I did that for cutting a hole in a piece of tegaderm so I could use it as additional overtape from my Enlite CGM sensors. (Not sure if it helps, but I also don’t know that it hurts so I continue to do it. :flushed: )


I dont even like abdominal sites anymore after actually bending some introducer needles in half! I do agree, shots with little pen needles were easier to use just about anywhere. I am currently able to just barely get a Silhouette/Comfort inserted freehand around the back side. However, I have to tape it with IV 3000 to keep it in place. Very thin, havent tried Ultra flex samples I got from Roche but wondering if they will even stay in at all???