Buying Fiasp outside the US

Has anybody had any experience purchasing Fiasp in Mexico or Canada? If so, could you share how much it cost and where exactly you got it? I regularly buy insulin in Tijuana and have recently been enjoying a Fiasp sample my Endo gave me, but I’m 100% confident my insurance will deny it. I haven’t been able to find anything about Fiasp’s availability in Mexico, though I’ve seen a website or two selling it via mail in Canada. Thanks for the tips!

I buy FiASP regularly at my neighbourhood pharmacy.

I walk in and ask for a vial

$36 Canadian (no fuss, no muss)

That is about $26.62 in US currency

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I’ve read many favorable comments about international mail-order purchase of insulin from this pharmacy in Vancouver, B.C. I haven’t purchased any insulin there myself. I think it will cost you a bit more than @Jimi63 reports.

I order my Fiasp from Canada. I get 9 vials at a time, around $500 shipped to my door.

I recently ordered Fiasp from this pharmacy at about USD 70/vial. Good service and reliable. I haven’t price shopped so there may well be less expensive options. I’ve also ordered an epilepsy med from them multiple times so I went to them for insulin because I know they’re honest and reliable.

I drive to Canada to pick up my insulin as I can leave my house at 6:45 AM and arrive at the pharmacy located right at the border by the time they open at 9 AM, buy my insulin and be back home before lunch. That is the best way to get the low prices, as quoted by Jim. Ordering by mail is certainly quite a bit more expensive and risky, but a necessary convenience for some.

I am keeping a close eye on Amazon since they bought Pillpack earlier this year as I believe that the pharmacy business for Amazon will be huge and drive prices down to where they are competitive with other countries.

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does anybody have experience shopping for fiasp in Mexico?

Last year I checked about Fiasp in Mexico, and found out it is not available there. I buy my Fiasp in Canada—it was about $97US for two boxes of pens (total of 10 pens) from Costco in BC.