Fiasp increased in cost?

I have VA for my health coverage. And the VA will not supply Fiasp.
I order it online from Canada (discountRXmart) and their pricing just went up over $20 for my 9 vials if Fiasp.
Not sure if it was just them, or is everyone else seeing a recent price hike?
I literally started my order for it on 11/1/2018 and it was still showing the lower price. I finalized my order today and was notified that it was at the higher price now.
Still, 9 vials delivered to the US from Canada for $514 is still cheap in the long run at $57 per vial, delivered.
I think I will see if I can’t find a lower cost for my next order though.

That sounds like a really good price !!!

Oh, it is still a great price!
But last time I paid $480 shipped!

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