Bydureon week1 day3 (just)

hi was on byetta 10mg injection supposed to be twice a day now on the 2mg bydureon once a week fix.

started thursday afternoon at 3 its 5am saturday morning now. up to now it has been ok no nausea, blood sugar well bit higher than ideal but improving i think.

Mistake i made last night was to eat to much last night, my pot belly feels hard not gassy and very sore. It's trying to force feed my intestines but they feel like they have a cork stuck in the end

I'm trying to wretch but with limited success, I want to empty my stomach but at least 90% remains it does relieve the pain and pressure somewhat. not enough thou.

this sux will be eating from side plates from now on.

made it through the night, pain has subsided but it really was that bad the previous post took 30 minutes to write.
tiny portions for me now on it was quite scary.

On the plus side this dosage system is designed that the exenutide will be acting like a thermostat adjusting my insulin production all week.

If it works well i may feel normal again. I do feel my energy levels are better so far.

Bydureon is the long acting version of Exenatide (Byetta and Victoza). It is currently in phase III clinical trials. Are you in a trial? If not, how did you get it?

I live in Ireland it recently got approval here, I was at my 6 month visit to the diabetic specialist at the hospital on monday and it was suggested i switch to it.

it's not been too bad so far apart from stomach pains, i had a heart attack a couple of years back so i take around 10 tablets a day and had gastric flu for tuesday evening /wednesday so my stomach is a bit sensitive. A protium tablet seems to help. Numbers still a bit high but i guess they will be improving over the next couple of months. according to some studies the numbers should be normal within 15 weeks.

The injection is a bit complicated as its a powder which needs to be mixed with a solvent in a syringe. The needles a little bit bigger than the one with the byetta pen but still easy enough to inject. i'll try to return to this thread over the next few weeks.

Please keep us up to date on how things go. I used Byetta and Victoza. I did not experience much nausea. Neither of the drugs helped me more than a couple weeks, but many do find they have a significant benefit. A single injection that lasts a week would be of great interest to many here in the US.

week2 day 5
Been pretty good since I last posted in fact feeling normal. Blood sugar is a bit high still but no extreme highs. Mixing the second dose wasn’t too bad. I can live with this a lot easier to manage

Hi - I just started on Bydureon yesterday... I'm a Type 1 diabetic and was formerly on Symlin (not the greatest). My doctor told me about it and prescribed it for me yesterday while I was at the office visiting him. He offered me Victoza too but said that Bydureon is far superior.

THe whole process of preparing it and taking it really wasn't bad at all. There' a slight learning curve with it but after you do it the first time, it si like riding a bike. I'm still less than 24 hours into it but I have notices that my blood sugars are flatlining (not ups or downs) and I am loving it.

I did drop a little low last night (I think I have to adjust my basal rate overnight to correct it) and am getting a resulting high asI type but I assume that I will be fine once I give myself a correction bolus. Eating is not terrible either - I just stop eating when I am full and that's it. I think that you may have had a problem becasue you overate...

I'll keep posing as I progress through the first week to let everyone know how I am doing.

well just an update the byduron seems to work fairly well. If you over-eat you know about it, A lot of erm belching & farting (near constant for the day). other than that it is great. It might just be that slower digestion means the bacteria in your system get a longer time to work and as a byproduct produce gas. I seem to get a fairly flat response but it's higher than I would like if I regulate my diet better I would be in the ideal range I am sure.

OK I'm about to start week #4 and I love it - I do stay flat as soon as I take my weekly dose and if I pay attention to what I am doing and eating, I am usually in my target BG range 90% of the time. It has been a little tricky to adjust my basals and mealtime boluses but I'm definitely getting used to it and I've already dropped both basal and bolus by at least 30%.

I will continue to update as time progresses. This is a great product!

This is a very interesting discussion. I hope you both continue to keep us up-to-date. Good to hear that it seems to be working so well for you both. Wishing you continued success. Joanne

I would love to know how you are doing on Bydureon. I have been on it for 5 weeks and dropped my basal by 25% and I have to change some of my carb ratios as well. I have been in the target range for 95% of my testing and dropped by A1C from 7.6 to 6.4. I find that I can only eat 1/3 of what I use to and can't event get through a single granola bar without spitting the rest out. The lows are getting a little tough on me though, how do you all manage keeping the lows in check and when to turn down the basal rates?

Thank you! I just started on Victoza in December off-label as a type one and I love it. I was curious if Bydureon was also being used. Glad to hear you are having success with it.