Bye Bye 14 day Libre sensors

My dumb HMO decided I cannot buy my sensors at the local pharmacy anymore (despite the fact that they were made to be able to be purchased at major chain stores.) I have to ride out my 10 day prior auth, if they don’t take it away from me, and then go back to strips. They wanted me to use Byram and the Byram prices were over the top for Libre. Yes, I know about the discount savings cards, but I was getting the ten day for $32 and can’t afford much over that. This is stupid. Vent over…more or less…:frowning:


do u get strips for free?

Sorry,my insurance says”I can’t use them unless there is no meter you can use” . SoI can’t use it. Insurance ughh! Nancy50

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Can you get prescription for them to take where you want to? Because WalGreens charges $25 a sensor, it’s a special price arranged I believe without any insurance coverage.

When I first got my prescription I was told insurance didn’t cover it and that these 3 pharmacies had it at a special price of $25. I just remember Walgreens being one of them and they still are charging me $25 and they do mail order.

$60 for the only formulary One Touch strips. I buy Contour on Amazon instead of those.

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It would be like $75 with the discount card. But with my pods, I would be paying $164 a month and cant do it. :frowning:

I am sorry you have lost your ability to use a diabetic aid due to your insurer and cost.

I asked what the “cash” price for the 14 day Libre sensor was at my local Walgreens. Just ONE sensor, (not a 30 day supply of 2) retails for $68 and change. Then she added, and we are out of them. We can’t keep enough in stock. Everyone is switching from the 10 day to the 14 day and they can’t keep up to meet demand.

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Wow. I did not realize they were getting more money for the 14 day?