Byram vs Edgepark: which is the lesser of two evils?


I am thinking Byram is the way to go. I called ADS and they are in network.


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Yeah you could be right , my hearing isn’t all that great and the C & F sounds so much alike .


no worries. i wear hearing aids so i know all about the not hearing good


Could you give me the web add. for byram



Edgepark is one of very limited list of “preferred” DME providers for our insurance, (meaning 100% coverage if you deal with them). I was about to give up and switch to a new supplier, but decided to call and requested to speak to one of the T1D supervisors. I wanted to try to figure out what the source of the recurring problems were with the ordering process.

The supervisor was very patient, helpful, and knowledgeable explaining in detail how the process works. Specifically how their system deals with different insurance company requirements (need for preauthorization, etc.), explaining ContinuCare (nothing more than a reminder, NOT where you complete the order), the complexity with Dexcom and Omnipod timing of the orders (ex: every 84 days for G5 sensors, every 6 months for 2- G5 transmitters, every 90 days for 3 mos supply of Pods), the need to confirm by email or phone call before they can ship the orders. She is aware of communication between the insurance and Edgepark sometimes breaking down and assured me they have been working on this issue.
She put a notice on my profile screen about our conversation, and she gave me her direct extension number should I have anymore issues in the future.

After this phone call, my supplies were processed and will be arriving in 24 hours. I was very satisfied and decided to stick with them for now, knowing that switching to a new DME provider can potentially be another nightmare ( like my recent switch due to insurance changing ihe list of new preferred providers).
So my advice is to ask for a supervisor (whichever you choose) next time you have issues.


Agree that experience with Byram is terrible. They refused to fill an order before my son’s Dexcom sensors ran out although a personal call to the insurance assured me it was covered and the prescription was right and current. Then when changing to the G6, contacted them in May to learn that the first day of orders was June 4th. Contacted them June 4th and learned that we had to wait until June 25th when the last G5 transmitter renewal came up but got the order entered to ship on that day. A week after seeing the order was “in process” on the website contacted them and was told they would expedite the order. Then got an e-mail that the prescription had expired and they were working with the doctors office to renew it. After a few days waiting for that, called the doctors office to find that the renewal had already been sent back. You have to walk every order through their system for them and deal with some of the dumbest people imaginable on the phone to do it. They’re nice, but incompetent and grossly under trained. Thinking about filing a lawsuit for failure to provide service and have filed complaint with Dept. of Health and Human Services because the are also a Medicare provider. Avoid Byram healthcare at all costs!!!


I have found only the pump sales rep helps me sufficiently at Byram. The diabetes line doesnt know anything, but the reps have been helpful, just hard to get a call back from. Edgepark was much higher on pods, and I had to pay full price for my first box.


Really, they are both pretty terrible. They have deals with insurance companies to limit your choices, so they know they don’t have to care since where else are you going to go?


I hate using them I wish I could order direct, but my current HMO wont let me…sigh…


Edwards has been most excellent for my wife for libre sensors

CCS medical for pump tubing and cylinders - excellent also


Just refilled my Dexcom prescription through Byram. Only received third of order. When I called I was told that this was a new Medicare regulation, prescriptions can now only be filled for 30 days.
Called UHC/Medicare. Was told “You must have been speaking to Byrum, second call that I have had this morning!”
I was then given the phone number of Edgepark. However, having read this thread maybe I’ll stick with Byram.


Edwards is most excellent for my wife for libre

I am actually astounded - never a long wait and knowledgeable reps


My only issue with Byram is that they keep changing my test strip order.

The Tandem pumps ship with a one touch verio machine. I love my t:slim, but positively LOATHE the verio meter. It is a complete random number generator, and usually reads way too high to safely correct from… I always go hypo when I do. I prefer my freestyle light meter. Byram supplies freestyle lite strips, so great! I have a prescription for freestyle lite test strips. And yet, every single month there are one touch verio strips in the box.

Apparently they are in collusion with the manufacturers. The freestyle lite strips are only for omnipod users, and they force the one touch verio strips on Tandem users. They ignore the prescription and send me what they want, and not what I want or what my Endo wants for me. No customer service person has been able to change/override this.

Unfortunately, I live in a very rural area on the Western slope of Colorado. We don’t have pharmacy options, so the mail order stole is amazing for me. I’ve been stockpiling all those loathesome verio strips to sell on eBay, and try to recoup some of the out of pocket expense of buying freestyle strips, even though my insurance covers strips 100%

That really pisses my off. I don’t think a middle man should be able to force treatment decisions on me. But despite that, I think I would still rather deal with Byram. I’ve never had to go without supplies because they reliably ship when it’s needed, and I like the automated phone call reminders to re-order. One of the only times I’m ever happy to get a robo-call.


To quote my inner Viking: EdgePark are reprehensible scum from the worst recesses of the planet. (Actually I’m probably an Angle, but never mind.)

I battled with them with all the resources of two kingdoms (me and my wife) for months to get a Dexcom G6. Finally we were victorious, but the losses were terrible. Hours and hours of phone calls, gross incompetence (not, I hasten to add, on our part) and an apparent cooperation, no doubt simply a misalignment of the stars, to mess up the paperwork every time.

At one point moda (my health insurance corporation) rejected the application because it was retroactive; I hadn’t received a single piece of kit and didn’t until a month later.

At another the paperwork was bounced because my doctor hadn’t imbued it with the mark of Chronos (i.e. they said he hadn’t dated it.)

At the end of the day they ‘charged’ moda $5,431.87 for a Dexcom G6 and three months of supplies. I don’t know how much moda got kicked back out of this but I do know I didn’t start this until I had hit my OOPMax. I also know that I didn’t have access to a CGM system for about 2 months because of EdgePark, and it really is helping me.

I don’t have a choice; I just pay my insurance company, and surrogates, $6500 in medical expenses to meet my OOPMax then fight my life out to actually get anything else. Stress does horrible things to BG control, but then you know that.

EdgePark: just say something I can’t say here.

John Bowler