Byram vs Edgepark: which is the lesser of two evils?


Ok so now that the new year has come and my Dexcom is not covered by OptumRX. I have to look for a distributor. I am trying to f figure out which is better Edgepark or Byram. Please give me your experience on which you prefer and why. I really loved having it through my online pharmacy. In would pay 10 bucks for sensors and 10 for transmitter. Express scripts was great. Now OptumRX has the Dexcom supplies on the Excusion list. Is it possible to get this reversed? Anyway of getting this reversed?


i would say byram as edgepark sucks. their customer service wasnt that great and i was screwed over by them as well. with byram as i said i never had them ive heard great things about them


I have no experience with Byram but Edgepark is terrible. I just cancelled my son’s account there a couple days ago. Several calls every month just to get his supplies late. No exaggeration…an issue every. single. month.

The weird thing is, they never know why. His insurance is fine. His prescriptions are fine. They have no idea why his orders are cancelled or incorrect. I have had them tell me that I cancelled his order.

His designated rep at Edgepark doesn’t answer the phone or return phone calls so I have to speak to a different person every time I call and go through the entire process all over again.

Customer service never has a clue what supplies he needs even though he has been on “Continucare” for months. The company is a sick joke.

Sorry to be so one-sided but I am still heated over it all. I don’t even know if he will get his supplies this month and Edgepark doesn’t have a care in the world.


I have not experienced Byrum but would gladly walk on hot coals to avoid having to deal with Edgepark.


I like Byram. Much better than Edgepark.

I’ve used them both, BTW


We get Dexcom supplies through Byram.
Zero issues.


Byram works great for me, for last 3 years. No issues, replaced product when damaged during shipping, and with online site I rarely need to talk with them.


Never used Edgepark, but when I lived in Seattle I had to use Byram and they were always fine. I’m sure I had some issues with them (from what I understand, most of these services are pretty meh at best) but clearly it wasn’t anything that stuck with me.


What are you guys doing until you meet your deductible? My deductible is 3000 dollars. I change the batteries on my transmitter myself but sensors is a different story. What are you guys doing to get this stuff cheaper until you meet deductible?


Byram has been so awesome for me. The online ordering is smooth and easy, and the reps call me when I need help with an order or whatever. It may take a bit for them to call or Email me but they never fail to respond and their help has been fantastic.


I’m concerned and my deductible is only $500. All I can say is to research discount cards, try to get assistance from the insurance or the supplier etc. We managed to get some free meds for my husband, I went with My Sugr bundle to get unlimited strips, and we also relied on one discount card for something. But I cant afford CGM so I can’t speak to that cost…hope it works out for you!


I have been using Byram for a number of years. I like their service. I wish they had more web support for ordering supplies, but they have been great to work with. Their deliveries are promp. I do wish their bills would come sooner. I would prefer to pay when I order, but they say they need to run everything through insurance each time. No worries, their service is good. They do have an online bill pay, but I always call in because I need medical reciepts mailed to me for flex spending.

It may be that OptumRX no longer sells Dexcom. I remember about three or for years ago I had to order pump supplies through OptumRX. It was a nightmare. The description for what they were sending me were limited to a certain number of characters so whenever anyone read off what they were ordering it didn’t match anything I could recognize. I had two or three time where I had to make 4-5 phone calls to get product out the door, which OptumRX had to overnight because they couldn’t seem to pass information between customer service to pharmacy to billing. They have gotten a lot better over the yeras. All other non-pump supplies from them have been good, but pump supplies were a nightmare for me back then. Byram has been a refreshing change.


I just switched from Edgepark to Byram. As mentioned by others, Edgepark regularly got my orders wrong, or cancelled them without notifying me. Billing is a nightmare with them. I called Byram and was able to talk to a person, and they actually helped me figure out that my insurance was refusing to cover DME / supplies, so I was able to get a new insurance plan. It’s not as easy to order online with Byram, but from what I can tell, once I’ve ordered something I can easily reorder it when the time comes without having to call (though the wait times are insanely shorter for Byram than for Edgepark).

Secondary gripe: Edgepark folks never understood what the supplies did for me. When I went to order supplies from Byram for the first time, the representative informed me that an improved design of cartridges and infusion sets had been available for my pump for nearly a year, and recommended I switch to them. Edgepark never mentioned this–they don’t seem to care, and I really appreciate it when reps actually care. Having diabetes is hard enough without all that sort of nonsense.

High deductible plans have always scared me; I can easily rack up a $2,000 bill for three months of supplies (before insurance, or when I had insurance which refused to cover supplies). I have a plan right now with an $850 deductible and 30% coinsurance. With the lower deductible, I just set aside enough the year before in anticipation of the deductible reset. Sometimes you can get free meters and discount test strips, and, as far as the CGM goes, you can get a FreeStyle Libre for far cheaper than the Dexcom supplies.

Good luck!


As you have heard, Edgepark is the worst of the worst basically. I ordered supplies on Sunday and they haven’t shipped. Called yesterday and order status was “shipping today”. The order didn’t ship. It is always SOMETHING with them.

The crappy thing is I believe they are the only place I can order from. Even though my insurance is through Anthem of California, I live in NC so everything goes by the BCBS of NC network. And since BCBSNC looooove their “customers” so much, back in 2013 they struck a deal with Edgepark to make them the sole supplier of insulin pumps, CGMs, and supplies.

If you have any other choice I would encourage you to try other’s first. I have heard horrible things about Byram too. Is it the only other in network choice for you?


Byram is busy, but they truly truly have provided me (and apparently others) with excellent service. My rep knows my name, calls when I need her and so has the CGM department to answer questions and research my benefits for me.


I have only used Minimed/Medtronic and Byram for ordering supplies. I used Byram for 2 supplies orders last year and both times were like pulling teeth. Their customer service was so difficult to work with for getting the correct infusion sites and they took a very long time to get the prescription from my dr, insurance approval and shipping the supplies. Also, they won’t work with me on a payment plan at all. Very frustrating. I switched back to Medtronic for supply ordering as soon as my insurance switched back last December.


Oh I’m sorry. I wouldnt like that either. My experience has been so much better. I use the automatic ordering but they still have called to discuss products etc.


I agree with the poor reviews of Edgepark. I switched to Better Living Now. Not perfect but pretty darn good. See if they deal with your insurer.


Hi all…
I agree that both are horrible , try CCF medical . The customer service is great. They really seem companionate . Another place to reach out us magellin rx.


you mean CCS :slight_smile: