C-Section Tips?

So today it was confirmed that I will have to have a C-Section. Overall his weight is OK (average) but weird that his shoulders are really big. He is also breech.

I was told I wouldn't go past 39 weeks-- but I actually want to go sooner. I know, bad to admit, but I am at that uncomfortable stage!

Any other of you diabetic ladies have a c-section? Any tips? Stories?

Hi Kari,

I had a c-section with my son just after completing the 38th week. Click here for a post I wrote about it then. Let me know if you have any questions.

Many people say that women with c-sections have a harder time breastfeeding. I read a study that suggested that it was because many times the women were disappointed about the c-section and got discouraged. So I highly recommend reading up on breastfeeding and not giving up or getting discouraged. We were able to breastfeed right away after the surgery (though my husband had to hold the baby as I had to stay on my back).

I had an unplanned C-section. (And now, I'll be having a planned one. I could go to a different OB and hospital to try for a VBAC, but my chances aren't good so I don't see a point in switching away from a hospital and doctor that I'm comfortable with.)

I wore my pump through the whole thing, which worked out fine. Fair warning, they'll put you on pitocin afterword to assist in shrinking and emptying your uterus and that makes some women sick. I woke up periodically through the night to throw up. Have plenty of juice or whatever, in case you have to treat the same low more than once due to throwing up! (They'll most likely provide you with anything like that you need, but your options may be limited.)

BTW, I don't blame you for wanting to go early! I was SO uncomfortable toward the end last time. I'm dreading that stage again!


I had an unplanned Csection after many of hours of labor, and recently a planned Csection. The planned one was a LOT more 'pleasant' than the unplanned one because with the unplanned, I wound up having the shakes during surgery and for hours afterward, which, the doctor said, was likely due to the labor beforehand. This time, with the planned, I had no shaking so it was so great in comparison, and I've heard from others also that planned are much better, so that's good news for you!

Also, with my planned Csection, the epidural was not too bad - you sit on the operating table, hunched over, and it is an in/out needle - not too horrible for a diabetic! (As opposed to with my unplanned, I had an epidural drip in which stayed in the whole time).

After the surgery, I was scared to take a shower and get the water on the cut, but surprisingly, there is zero pain with that, I guess because it's all numb down there, but showering never stung at all.

The first 24 hours after surgery is the worst while your legs come back to life, but the pain was not bad - I took the pain medicine each time it was offered for the whole time i was in the hospital (or asked them for it when it was time). During surgery you can't feel anything except weird pressure but it's definitely tolerable, plus the surgery is only a few minutes.

I wasn't able to breastfeed for about the first 24 hrs with both babys (they kept them just to watch their blood sugars/ annoying), and I had trouble getting them both to latch on and eat for about a week, so i pumped and my milk still came in fine and they learned how to drink from my boobs once the milk came in (which feels like your boobs are turning into rocks, btw!, but only for like a day!)

Diabetes-wise, the hospitals (both times in NY, different hospitals) are annoying about watching your blood sugar. They agreed that I could take my own insulin but tell them when I was taking it/how much. Also they were very concerned (ie, a bunch of doctors would run over) when my sugar went below 70 (it was 69 once, not such a big deal to me but it was a big deal to them). They were not concerned though unless my sugars, on the highside, were above 200 (which was weird being they were so concerned about it being low during the whole pregnancy). They took my blood-sugar every hour for my first kid, every shift or so and when i ate for kid2. And I wore my continuous meter (dexcom) during the surgery and entire time, even they first wanted me to take it off but I insisted I did not want to (and even though the doctor I had been seeing said it was fine for me to wear it they didn't care).

You should ask the nurse lots of questions - like how to get out of the hospital bed most easily (that's hard at first while your legs become un-numbed!). And lots of questions about breastfeeding, diapering the baby, etc. Being able to be in the hospital longer to ask questions to learn how to change a diaper, breastfeed, etc was definitely helpful.

Yes, I know how you feel about wanting pregnancy to be over. The last weeks drag especially being i had a 10lb 1oz-er!
Good luck, you'll be there in no time!

I've had two c-sections. The first time after a long labor and my baby wouldn't engage so I ended up with my first c. The second time was scheduled. I did wear my pump the second c-section but I had to sign a release form the endo gave me for the hospital to do my own insulin therapy. I ran into a few nurses who tried to make me take my pump off and I had to keep reminding them the doctors have given me full option to do my own therapy and so I was able to eat whatever I wanted and do my own blood sugar checks. The nurses will still do blood sugar checks on the baby but it's your option to have the baby room in with you if you want. We chose that option. I didn't want either of my sons spending time away from me in the nursery. They will take the baby to the nursery after the surgery to give them a bath and to do any medical checks. My son was back with me within an hour so I could try and breast feed. Like my first son the second wouldn't latch on so I pumped. Just as an FYI if you do plan to pump breast milk insurance companies are now required to provide one at no cost to you. Something I found out later.
Blessings to you on your new baby!

Thanks everyone! I was happy to have stories to read-- and I am at peace now! haha. At least the C-Section will be planned.

Random question-- not really related-- but any of you ever have ketoacidosis? When I did my back was KILLING me, seriously, so much pain. And I was wondering what hurts more-- labor back pain (when in full contractions) or ketoacidosis DKA back pain.. Not sure if any of you got the joy of experiencing contractions?

I was in ketoacidosis at diagnosis, but didn't have any back pain!

Oh yeah! I was in it a diagnosis too. I had no back pain that particular time. But when i was 19 I went into it again-- I thought I was going to die.

Weird though, at diagnosis my BS was 750 (yikes!!) -- and the DKA when I was 19 my sugar was 490ish and that was more painful.

C-section went all smooth! Happy healthy baby now. :)

I wrote a blog of his birth story backin Feb 2013, and tons of pictures here:

Congrats! Your son is beautiful! Great job…