C Space Health seeks our feedback

C Space Health is a company that surveys consumers about their product experiences and what they want to see in products they use, which is then shared with the companies who make those products so they can be more responsive to their audience. It’s good for the consumers, and of course good for the companies who sell to them.

C Space recently approached me about some work they’re doing with people who have diabetes, asking if any of our community members here on TuDiabetes would like to participate in some market research. Although I’m always a bit skeptical about these kinds of projects I do believe that sharing our thoughts about diabetes products and services with the people who provide them is vital. It’s how we let them know what we want, and they certainly want to satisfy us because then we’ll buy their stuff. Win-win.

If you’re interested in this, click on the link below to find out if you’re eligible. Folks who participate will receive Amazon gift codes as well as monthly gift codes as a thank them for participating.

See if you qualify here: http://mayweask.com/diabetes1

I answered their eligibility screening and they invited me to take a survey. I’m happy to give feedback to legitimate marketing efforts like this.

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I took the eligibility screening and they said they weren’t interested. maybe it’s because I’ve always treated my d with insulin and never anything else. (thinking afrezza???)

Same here. I wanted to indicate that I haven’t always treated my D the same way: I’ve been on several different insulins over the years, going from R/NPH to MDI to a pump. But they only wanted to know if I’d used something other than (generic) “insulin.” Anyway, c’est la vie. I was kind of of two minds about doing it anyway.

I also was rejected and that seems to be a typical result for me lately. At almost Medicare age, I think most focus groups and surveys want people with Type 2 who take multiple medications (oral and injected) and maybe as Marie suggested, Type 1’s who are using or have tried other medications in addition to injected insulin.

I participated in something with Commispace a few years ago and eventually dropped out. I can’t remember much about it or why I quit participating.

It’s interesting to see by your responses here what they’re screening for. I use Afrezza as well as other insulin. I’ve also used Symilin in the past, another injectable diabetes treatment.

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So it seems like they might have a contract with one or more company that makes oral meds, and so are looking for folks who can give feedback about experiences with those. Interesting…