Pretty cool survey by HealthCareDIY

I just took this survey, to help out with the research. Some surveys are really dull, but this one was actually pretty interesting and enlightening! There were a lot of questions I didn't expect, that were kind of eye-opening for me.

This survey has been approved by the TuDiabetes Administration Team.

Hey all,

I'd like to explain how this survey came to be approved by me, and the admin team, for posting on TuDiabetes, because I realize that sometimes these decisions (which surveys and research projects we approve and which we do not) are confusing. This one was sent to me by Manny (the founder of TuDiabetes), after a conversation he had with the person heading up this survey. Through that conversation, he felt confident that the researcher has a genuin care and focus on the community, would not take advantage of us for money-making purposes, and will send us results from this study to share with the community so that we can all benefit from it.

The stated goal of this survey is to "unearth interesting findings of how people self-create health – in non-obvious ways – and to measure the real-life impacts of sleep deprivation, money pressures, lack of access to fairly priced fresh food, and other social (and not ‘health care’) issues have on personal health."

The business of deciding whom to allow access to this wonderful community can be tricky, and is very subjective. Our goal is always to protect the community from people who would like to profit from it without giving back, while allowing access to those who genuinely care about people with diabetes and are trying to contribute to our health and well-being. Sometimes it's hard to tell who's who, but I assure you we try hard to do so :)