Caleb is Looping!

In preparation for his trip to Italy, Caleb is experimenting with Looping and his Loop was closed yesterday. It’s been just about 24 hours and it’s going reasonably well. We were already scheduled for a pizza party with friends - what better way to take Loop for a spin!

He bolused his normal amount upfront when he ate, and then added carbs later with an absorption over 8 hours (which is the period we use for an extended bolus). Then he ate and bolused for popcorn later that evening. Although I did not intervene at all overnight, Loop shut down basal a couple of times and the results were great!



I want to learn everything about it! Still using the Omnipod?

Goodness gracious, this is great news! I never thought you could get there that quickly!

What hardware/pump did you use?

Congrats on closing the loop. I wish your image could upload but your words describe success. That’s bold taking on the holy grail of diabetes challenges, pizza!

I wish you both well. I felt a unique satisfaction when I started my Loop last November. It felt like I stepped into a better future. I look forward to seeing more comments about your experience.

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I tried, @Mila!!! The best I could do was open loop with OP and that was very ineffective. Loop can make suggestions for changing basal as frequently as every five minutes and that was impractical to do manually. My plan was only to get this in order for his Europe trip. He’s very excited about it although we need to figure out what to do with the tube through his dress shirts! [quote=“WestOfPecos, post:3, topic:59778”]
I never thought you could get there that quickly!

We’ve been taking our time, gradually warming up to the change. It really doesn’t take long to set up, particularly if you are familiar with tubed pumping!

Minimed 722

Haha! It really wasn’t. We have pizza down pretty well. I felt like I was translating a recipe from slow cooker to pressure cooker. It wasn’t too bad. Breakfast has proven to be more of a challenge, but I think I’m going to try my Super Bolus simulation idea tomorrow.

Last night was pretty strange. I usually check dexcom a few times at night and often adjust basal settings. I felt a little useless - something I’m sure I’ll get used to!


All in all, is minimed better than Omnipod (excluding loopong)?

Minimed 722 and Dexcom? Is Caleb wearing 3 thingies? Is Enlite not good enough?

Shall I be honest or tactful? Everyone’s experience is different, but a majority of people I have run into (including myself, full disclosure) have rarely found the Enlite sensor to be ept. There are people it works for–more power to them. But I did all the things suggested to me to make Enlite accurate and I was unsuccessful.

I did ALL those same things with the Dexcom and have been quite pleased with my results.

So, when Medtronic comes out with a semi-loopy pump that is dependent on its CGM numbers, I am suddenly a Missourian: Show me!


He’s using the minimed pump only and dexcom. We’ve never used Enlite. We LOVE dexcom, and have no motivation to change, and he’s only using the pump to help him with his trip to Europe. Unless he ends up loving looping.

I couldn’t say - he’s been using Minimed for just over a day, but OmniPod for 10 years. We’re used to it, like the ability to swim with it without disconnecting, the discretion of no-tubing, the no tubing is very useful for sports as well, but we’re new to the tube thing and he’s already adapting, so who knows?

I’ve never thought one pump was better than another, but their nuances fit into different lifestyles better than others and OP has been working for us for quite a while.

@Lorraine, I don’t understand. I thought closed loop means that a pump uses BG values from a CGM to make adjustments. Does minimed work with dexcom?

Ah, yes of course, I understand now. My original post is presumptuous. He is Looping via a user created closed loop process which uses a minimed pump, dexcom, an open-source app called “Loop” and an open-source hardware device called a Riley link that connects the Loop app with the pump.


@Lorraine, thanks. Now I understand. You got a 10 year old pump that can be hacked. I expect that Caleb will be very successful. Initially I thought that you participated in an OmniPod closed-loop trial. Thanks for the clarification.


Great news @Lorraine, hope it helps give you peace of mind when he’s overseas!

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How do you go about obtaining such an old pump?

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You need to buy it second hand online… I ended up paying 400 bucks for mine. The problem is that the supply is strongly limited because of the age of the pumps.

I’m sure you realize that insulin pumps are prescription controlled items. You should obtain a prescription from your doctor and seek a pump from a supplier authorized to provide prescription controlled items. Whether or not you can find one is an open question but the only way to legally do this is through a medical professional/organization authorized to prescribe such an item.

Again, maybe you can find an organization like IntegratedDiabetes which could legally prescribe and supply you with a pump. But I selling a prescription item in an open sale without it being prescribed is not legal and places like eBay outright ban such sales. And remember, if the seller is identifiable, their insurance company may come after them as well.

Is that where you got yours @Lorraine? I don’t see that they offer that particular pump. I am currently using Omnipod and was thinking about looping also. Do you have to find older infusion sets compatible as well?


I am excited and completely confused! I would love to be able to do a close loop. I have a minimed paradigm pump, I am eligible to get a new pump this coming July. However, Medtronic has not gotten their approval request in for the new 670 (I live in Canada), nor are they hurrying to apply - I think it does not fit well with their business plan, quite a shock for them to have received such a quick approval in the US last fall - they now have to reassess all their international investment plans. I met with the Medtronic rep today who was trying to convince me on the 630. Frankly, other than the different interface and the waterproof feature, it’s the same pump as my current pump…well, actually it’s even bulkier than my current pump. So, I decided to keep my pump until better options come up instead of locking in for another 5 years. But I digress…

Do you mean to tell me that I could hack my current paradigm pump, buy a Dexcom CGM (can’t stand the enlite) and create a safe close loop system?! Is it that easy?

They periodically surface on craigslist somewhere in the US. I looked recently for the same purpose - someone was selling one in Pittsburgh and willing to ship, not sure if it is still available. Here is the google query for that: “minimed 722”

As a note, hacking a pump is definitely not supported by the manufacturer. Neither is purchasing it on the used marketplace without a prescription. However, there is no modern pump that is hackable for Loop that (1) I know of, and/or that (2) any manufacturer would support. I know @Terry4 has discussed his great success with Loop, as has @Dragan1. On that basis, the above restrictions would not stop me. Personal call, of course: YDMV.

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