Looping w/o Entering Carbs or Bolusing

I’ve been omni-looping for almost 3 months now. However, this past week I have been experimenting using loop without entering in Carbs or Bolusing at all.

It has been 7 days and I have not given one bolus. I’m also not looking at my BG’s so that I am not tempted to correct and bolus manually.

Using Clarity I have seen that my a1c has gone up about .2% which really is okay with me.

Has anyone else tried this?

FYI: My basal Max is 10, and my correction factor is 25. Carb ratio doesn’t matter b/c i’m not entering carbs. Also, I’m not on a low-carb diet, but I don’t have pancakes for breakfast either. Sensible diet mostly.


Interesting approach. What is SD and TIR before and after?

My SD went from 43 to 49, and my TIR went from 75% to 64%.

However, this was with my Insulin Sensitivity Factor (ISF) initially at 35. I have gradually made it more aggressive going down to 30, and just today I set it to 25. So, I’m thinking that the next 7 days will show even better results.

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@Anthony, thanks for sharing your numbers.

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Holy crap! No, I haven’t tried that. I think your a strange cat, Anthony. I don’t think that would work for me, but just out of curiosity, what’s your post meal peak sugar and how long does it take to autocorrect back into range? How many carbs per day? I’m 125g.

I don’t think I could handle that. With the higher numbers my mind would be screaming fix it fix it fix it. I just can’t see me being able to release control like that.

However I hope someday they improve insulin absorption via pump and then that would be great!

I’ve seen a few people posting reasonably good results running Loop (or other DIY systems) completely off hands as a “true” artificial pancreas. I’ve done that a few days, mostly in the context of trying out some algorithm modifications. I was generally pleased by the results, although doing absolutely nothing around T1D for an entire day at a time felt a bit weird, surreal. I am eating about 100-150g carbs per day, and I think I’d end up with an A1c of maybe around 6.5 without announcing carbs or bolusing, which is not too bad. Yet, one can do so much better at the cost of a few taps on the phone or the watch a few times a day, so I prefer to do that.


@Dragan Potentially with a 6.5% A1C that doesn’t seem that bad to be able to ignore it. Some time off maybe? But as soon as I looked at my CGM, I’d probably go nuts because I know a few push of a few buttons and…

Don’t leave me hanging

Lol…I can fix it fix it fix it!!!

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Likewise, that is why I no longer look at my BG anymore. I only look at it every 3 days when I change my pod. This has given me a nice break after 26 years of T1.

I’m eating anywhere between 150-250 carbs per day. But I’m trying to keep it on the lower end.


What the heck!!! You guys might have worked out something special. I’m very curious, but I’m too afraid to try it. I just saw my first basal increase and everything is performing much worse. I simply dont know how I could stop bolusing, but I’ll keep the idea in the back of my head. Maybe, in time…

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@mohe0001 The highest I’ve seen is about 250-275 and it comes back down within a few hours. Those peaks are always over night when insulin is less sensitive for me. I could eat better dinners to avoid this high as well.

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I see. Thanks for the info. I’m actually hoping to use this as a fallback during hospitalization, so I’m glad you have tried it and provided feedback. You know how the hospital goes…

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I just increased (reduced the factor) of my ISF (Insulin Sensitivity down to 25) so I will post my Clarity report after another week of this. This way we can compare between Loop w/ Bolusing and Loop w/o Bolusing.


I don’t loop, yet, but @Anthony in a broader sense this is how I thought Loop works. It takes the readings from Dexcom and sends it to the pump and the pump supplies the right amount of insulin. So, as your body is increasing in bg, due to a meal or stress or … Dex senses it, tells the pump, and the pump distributes more insulin. Smooth sailing! I’m glad it works for you!


Thanks @Tapestry. Since I have made the insulin sensitivity a little more aggressive its working even better now. I think this more resembles what a functioning pancreas would do.

Also, since I have done this I have not had any Lows and I wake up at 90 every morning. I’ll post my clarity at the end of this week for comparison.


Thanks, Anthony.

Here are my results. The left side is Looping with Entering carbs and bolusing normally. The right side is Looping WITHOUT entering carbs and WITHOUT bolusing.

What does everyone think? Since I’ve started this I have not had ANY LOWS.


Interesting. Seems like, just off the cuff reaction, that if you are the green plot, then I am the purple one. I am targeting the system to avoid the yellow range. You are targeting to avoid the red/orange range.

Your average is shockingly good, though. Gotta admit!

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