Calling All Gamers

Are any of you Geekabetics gamers? If so let us all know what kind of gamer (PC, Platforms like Xbox or Play Station, Board) and if so which games you play or plan on playing (W.O.W., Counterstrike, Mario Strikers, Halo,).

I would love to “frag” with you if you do so lemme know!

I am a PC gamer mostly playing LOTRO and Counter Strike Source. I am just about to start playing Team Fortress 2 so that will be my new addiction. I also have a Wii and would love some Wii friends!

I just started playing TF2 pretty steady. I finished up Zelda: twilight princess (amazing game btw) so this is a good change. Buy the preorder orange box and get to it!
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I’m not much of a gamer (though I enjoy a few online games here & there - currently addicted to Desktop Tower Defence). I just wanted to say that Geekabetic is a COOL word! Love it :slight_smile:

I like to make up words like that. I often refer to myself as Ninjabetic since it takes a Ninja to live with Diabetes!

Hey Dan,
We turned Zelda into a family event… My son raqn the wiimote, I looked for clues on the screen while my wife worked the Cheats book! We had a blast! Great game!

Well… I’ve got a PS2 and Wii as well as my Nintendo DS.

I’m generally too busy to get too into games, but I love the Wii Sports game and can’t wait for the coming Star Wars game that will turn the Wiimote into a light sabre.

My favorite game is Burnout on both the PS2 & DS… There is something very theraputic about crashing your car and doing maximum damage!

I play on pretty much everything - PC, console (Wii/360), handheld, etc. I’m currently rocking on the Orange Box (just beat Portal last night - amazing game!), and I have a mile-high stack of other games I need to get to when work stops being so busy.

If anyone wants to add me on Xbox Live, my tag is NoukonZenshin.

Remember: if the weighted companion cube talks to you, don’t take its advice.

Portal = one of the best games I have ever played!

I actually beat it twice because it was so sweet I had to play it again!

I <3 the song. LOL

I’m mainly a PC Gamer. I know it’s old school but I still play Diablo II pretty regularly. I never really got into FPS, I like strategy and RPGs.

I’m a PC gamer. Husband and I try to avoid the console play systems because we are bad enough with the PC games. We both prefer MMORPGs but aren’t currently playing any. I plan to go back to WoW in the next couple of weeks though.

Used to be a heavy gamer. PC titles mostly. I always suspected that once the game deck avalanche started I would never be heard from again. I’ve been taking a break for some time, but I’m going to be building a new gaming rig soon and I expect I will be spending a lot of time playing whatever the latest Call Of Duty or Medal of Honor title is.

In my fooling around time I’ve become addicted to this great Flash game called ChopRaider.

Hi there, I mostly play PC games the main one I play is ArmA


I didn’t realise that anyone else actually played ArmA. While I am not good at all, I have a blast playing that game. Currently I am eagerly awaiting OF2 due out later this year.

Speaking of addicting Flash games - anyone ever tried Canyon Defender? I was on a business trip with nothing to do in my hotel room and spent HOURS playing it that week. The last map is really hard!

Yep, been playing ArmA for ages now… where I play we have planned coop nights where everyone follows CoC has tasks etc to complete mission etc… ArmA 2 is in the making

hard core…

I work in the industry. I was at Midway for nearly 5 years, now I am at Turbine.

Oddly enough, I do not have any consoles and stopped playing MMO’s before the first expansion for Ultima came out. CounterStrike is a totally different story, Ditto for Red Orchestra. 8^) But my main thing is the Il2 series from Maddox Games. I cannot fly a plane in real life, and even if I could I would not get to practice carrier traps in a Corsair, or spend an evening shooting down bad guys with squad mates.Not many games can bring to to heart pounding, sweating and nearly shaking with a mixture of fear and excitement like Il2 can.

There are lots of fan made videos out there

This one is really good,

this one is not quite as well made, but I am still pretty happy with having made it.


IL2 is the best combat flight sim around that Ive played. its great when using a trackIR as well :slight_smile:

Great videos as well


I’m a gamer by all means. Currently i’m playing on portables and consoles, after a long run of PC/Mac Gaming with World of Warcraft.

  • Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures [ds]
  • The Legend of Zelda - Twilight Princess [wii]
  • WORMS: Open Warfare 2 [ds]

Also, playing a little EverQuest II while my account is re-activated for free.
I also enjoy the occasionally FPS.

I highly recommend for a gaming podcast.

Just got a Wii. Really enjoying that so far. Only got the basic games that come with the system (like bowling the best of those), the Wii Play games, and Mario Kart. Son has bought another game that I’ve not tried yet. Mario Kart is fun. Any suggestions on other Wii games for a 40 something fellow to play?