Are you a technology "geek"? Introduce yourself here!

Programmers, computer hardware lovers, web wizards with diabetes are all welcome in here.

Hey folks,

I just posted to my blog about an upcoming workshop on the artificial pancreas project. It’s at the end of July close to Washington, DC.

I hope someone from this group can attend!

This is so cool! I just joined tudiabetes yesterday and am blown away by the community, the site design & architecture, just everything – and now I find out there’s even a group for geeks with diabetes! I will definitely be checking back here to find out more about techie tools for the pancreatically challenged. I was diagnosed Type 2 just over a year ago and have been writing everything down by hand in a book, and plotting all my numbers (also by hand) in a battered old quad notebook … Now that I’ve gotten through my first year I’m ready to start fine-tuning my record-keeping techniques. Looking forward to checking in here again soon!

Don’t let the Police uniform fool you. I’m a geek. In fact, I’m a certified geek. Hehehe. I’m currently only A+ certified, however I’m working on a few certifications in my chosen field of computer forensics in law enforcement.

Here is my short geek check: met the good old Apple IIe in 8th grade, was stunned by the CPC464 of a friend, coded the C64 in basic and then the Amiga 500/2000 in assembler, got my first 486DX-50 in 1991 that sounded like darth vader with asthma, studied Information Systems and now I work as a consultant and software developer with great passion for web related technologies.

I created a blood sugar converter Google Gadget. Try it out and let me know what you think.

I am a geek to the core! Comp TIA A+, MCP, MCDST, Security 5, And Network + certified. Been working with computers since 1997…yes I and that old! (Well, 35 is really not old!) Hope to get to know others!

I am a total geek. Aspergers Syndrome. Say no more:). My son has type 1 and if this thing could be beat by “out-thinking” it . . . I think this is the group to join! Oh, for a cure . . . .

Anyone successful with any Mac apps that will take a couple of Life Scan One Touch meters and merge data - like Life Scan’s own software. I recently had my doctor print out reports and it was way cool - gotta have it, but I am not Windows.

Hi, my names is Øyvind, and i live in Bergen Norway. Working with computer and are a gadget freak :slight_smile:

Hey all, new here (and new to diabetes). Most my certs are in pentesting but right now I am managing a enterprise information systems risk management program.

Anyway, has anyone come across any options for tracking their data (glucose, exercise, diet) on a blackberry? I came across HealthEngage and am evaluating that on a iPAQ but dont want to go all inspector gadget with multiple gadgets. I also like that that software runs on my powerbook and dell laptops.

I have the onetouch ultrasmart meter, and the onetouch software, but the part that falls short is the diet tracking, i need something that i can just type in foods to, and not need to know the cals/carbs/etc…


Hello All. I am new to I can say this is the most informative website I have found yet. I have been working in the computer field for the past 8 yrs. I only have two certs at this time, A+ and Network+. I have taken courses in college for a BS in computer science and classes for MCSE, Security+, and CCNA. Only reason I haven’t gotten completely certified is I ran out of $$. Paying the bills and putting food in my families mouth was a lot more important at the time. Right now I’m laid off from a sweet network engineering due to the fall in the economy.

Lifescan isnt going to bother with Mac software last i heard, ever think of going down the dreaded V path (Virtualization)
… Supposedly many USB devices are compatible with Boot Camp… or Parellels/Virtualbox

I’m running boot camp solely to upload the meter data, and then can access the data from the mac side via safari and a user agent set to firefox/windows - no problems so far (technique was covered in an earlier post by Geo (Neo?) - can’t remember, but its a great trick…

Geekiness started with a TRS-80 in 5th or 6th grade, but slowed down in high school…

Hi - recently diagnosed with Type II and trying to drag myself away from the computer more often so that I can exercise instead. Not being too successful so far. What with web design work, blogging, and voluntary work for online support groups the lure of the web is too strong!

As a geek try Email ’n Walk on your iPhone.
It uses the iPhone’s camera to show you a live picture of everything you’re missing while you hold your phone in front of your face.
Fake Txt’n’Walk iPhone App Is Now Real Email 'N Walk iPhone App

any fellow twitter api developers in the house?

Hi, Group. I’m a new member, and it’s great to be here! In my not so copious spare-time I’ve been working on a way to non-invasively detect low or high blood sugar. (Not exact readings, but detecting physiological responses that indicate extreme high or lows.) I’m getting pretty close to conducting my first data collection experiments, and would appreciate any thoughts or comments from the group. For more info you can check out my blog at

Would love to hear from others out there- especially those who are interested in closed loop systems :slight_smile:

Hello everybody!. I’m also new at tudiabetes. It’s been really great to find this place full of geek/diabetic people like me :-P. I work as an electrical engineer designing radar and communication systems. Spectral analysis and digital signal processing are two of my key skills.

Bryan, I’ve read some entries of your blog and I think it’s a great idea. I have to read it in detail ;-). Years ago I worked on the idea of detecting glucose concentrations using IR spectroscopy mixed with spread-spectrum techniques but had to give it up (not enough time lol).

Do I have to be a memeber of MENSA to belong to this group? Because, if I have to, I’ll send you my MENSA membership number! I’m not an electrical engineer, nor a present-day computer geek (20 years ago I was!). But I AM keenly interested in the newest electrical monitoring capabilities for easier testing of my BG!