?Calorie King or Calorie Count Software for figuring Carb/Fat/Protien - which is better?

I’m looking for a program that will calculate Carbs/Fat/Protien for entire meals. I’ve been trying to get some recipes and meals into the Calorie Count site, but either the program is really slow or else it’s my computer. Has anyone used this site? Thinking I should try Calorie King. Any comments on either would be appreciated.

I haven’t tried Kalorie King, but I agree with you about Calorie Count. It can be maddening. I’ve used Livestrong.com’s My Daily Plate and SparkPeople. They both work well. Livestrong has a large food data base. My new computer won’t let me log in to Livestrong. I started using SparkPeople. The fitness program is a little maddening, but the food part works well. I hope this was helpful.

I can’t stand any of the commercial nutrition databases because they force me to wade through lists of commercial foods and advertising.

I almost always eat “real” food at home, e.g. my current meal of broccoli, chicken, mushrooms and onions.

I don’t want to have to wade through a thousand kinds of prepared, creepy chicken nuggets, chicken pot pies and fried chicken parts to get to CHICKEN. Sheesh.

If someone would come up with a “real food only” database I’d be much obliged.

That said, I do look things up from time to time on CalorieKing because they are obnoxious, but less obnoxious than the other sites I have tried.

Fatsecret or fit day are good. I think fit day let’s you do a receipe but I know fat secrete doesnt

I’ve also been looking at this, I am trying to find a carb counting software that I can use as a reference, websites, and software for my blackberry…Heard about Karb King but that’s all i know. What other sites/programs or even books do you recommend?

I like MyFitnessPal.com
They have a nice food database that covers everything, calories, carbs, fats and protein. You can create your own food diary and also calculate carbs, fats proteins for homemade dishes

I’ve been using Calorie King for a while now and I love it. It did take me a while to customise it for the meals I cook at home but it’s a breeze now. I do just about everything from my customised, saved meals so it’s really easy to add my meals to my daily food diary.

And I love their responsiveness … foods I’ve looked for are often added within a couple of weeks of my first search for that particular product. Also, I’ve had a couple of questions and my email has produced a response within 24 hours.

I hardly ever use the computer. I use the seat of my pants and check Calorie King. If I am curious about vitamins I haul out “The Joy Of Cooking”.