What's your favorite diet-management site?

Until it went away, I used to use MyNats.com.
I’ve tried using the USDA database online, but some of the measurements are way off, and it doesn’t aggregate information for a dish or a meal (much less a day).
I’ve tried the built-in/sample database included with Access 2007, but some of the serving sizes are way off.
When it first started up, I tried using SELF magazine’s site, but it would not allow me the level of precision I was looking for (I like being able to input dishes and ingredients in grams and fractions of grams).

Lately, I’ve been using NutritionData, though it looks like I need to register in order to let it aggregate meals for me.

Mike recently blogged that the ever-popular Calorie King now supports mobile devices. This could be a plus for me, but their mobile version does not work on my Verizon Wireless Web 2.0 phone (LG Env2).

Purely at random (I was looking for nutritional information on Yancey’s Fancy Buffalo Wing Cheddar), I came across another site that might do what I want: The Daily Plate. It has a lot of restaurant and brand-name nutritional information that I’ve not been able to find elsewhere. More, I can get to it through my mobile phone. Now, logging through the phone will require a paid subscription (which I’m not ready to do just yet)… but I’m going to be looking at this much more closely in the next few days.

Do you use one of these sites or applications, another site or application, or do you bother logging your diet at all?


I use the calorie king! I love it and I haven’t had any issue’s and it works great with my iPhone.

I use Calorie King.au tho I just the website and not the pda version etc… I love it and my BSL have been heaps better as well…


Favorites besides Calorie King and Weight Watchers include:

My Food Diary - $9 a month and very user-friendly (pretty even)
Dotti’s Weight Loss Zone Restaurant List - includes list from lots of your favorite restaurants, updated at decent intervals
Calorie Lab - same as above
FitDay - my husband’s favorite

I belong to Calorie King but just have access online, not with a PDA. I love it but I find that my actual carb counting skills have never developed because I always rely on Calorie King! I can enter my lunch at home and when I’m ready to eat at work I just check my food diary.

I like being able to enter individual ingredients to create a recipe/meal, saving it and then being able to load it back into my food diary whenever I have some of what I’ve cooked.