Camp for Kennedy?

So we had it narrowed down to two, one in St louis and one in tennessee... the stl one is full ( that 's the one with teens) and the Nashville on is up to age 12 and she's 12 so she doesn't want to be with all the " little kids" she told me, maybe we should look out of state and further away? are we just too late?

I'm sorry you are having these issuse. I attended Camp EDI - in Eureka Missouri (which may be the St. Louis one you are talking about. I was diagnosed at age 2 and went for four or five summers. Camps are wonderful, or at least that one was. I made so many friends, some of which I still have today. You get to see that being diabetic doesn't mean you can't be a normal kid/teen. I am now 26 and still cherish those memories. Best of luck!