Camp joslin

i’m new to this page, I came across it when I was searching to see if I could find any info on some of the people I went to camp Joslin with. I have had diabetes 38 years. When I was 8 or 9 I went to camp Joslin in 1972, I have a picture of the whole group of juniors, so the sign in the picture says. I only went that one year. I read some blogs last night when I was looking for some info and some of the things people were saying brought back a lot of memories. I don’t remember any names, but there was a set of twins in my group that I remember hanging around. Maybe if this rings a bell to anybody they can let me know.Thanks.

Bruce, there is a Group here (i had never seen it before today) called Diabetes Camp - maybe you can join it, and see if you find someone who went to your camp. Where was the camp located?

Thank you.

The camp is in Mass.

Bruce -
MY name is Peter , I was there when you were. I spent 14 summers there, 8 as a camper and 6 as staff. The best times of my life! Sounds like you may be a year or two younger than me. The twins you mentioned are Bob and Tom Gannon. Both are very good friends of mine! We grew up in neighboring towns and have actually worked together in the diabetes management industry.

Awhile back I started a group here for Camp Joslin Alumni. Please feel free to join. So far there are only two! of us. I was out at Camp this summer. my employer was sponsoring an activity. I get out there regularly and it is still what you remember. There are some newer bulidings but the cabins remain the same. The Mess Hall was torn down and a beautiful new “Dining Hall” was put up.
Many of us from that era (1970’s through mid 80’s) remain very close. Many of us work in the industry.
The camp is in Charleton MA and is no longer run by the Joslin Diabetes Center. They still own but handed over the day to day operations to the Barton Center. You may remember it as the Clara Barton Camp for girls with diabetes. Both camps are strong and functioning well and remain the only all boy and all girl diabetes camps in the world!
Please feel free to contact me with any questions regarding camp or certain folks you might remember.
Great to connect with you!

BTW, the same bell is still rung to get activities going!!

Peter it was great hearing from you. Over the years I have thought about the camp and the guys that were there with me. When you said one of the twins names ‘‘Bob’’ I remember that name. I still have the group picture of use back in 1972 and I have a video on 8mm that my father took of the camp and a few snap shots.I am a year younger than you. Were you in my group back then? I’m going to scan the group picture and see if I can figure out how to put it on my page. Thank again for getting in touch with me.