Can Bulimia trigger Type 2?

I have been wonder this for years. At the time of diagnosis of 'pre-diabetes' I was just starting recovery from severe Bulimia. I had been Anorexic for 3 years, and Bulimic for the following 9. When diagnosed by an endo, I was slightly underweight, but my mom had noticed my breath smelling 'sweet' (she is also a nurse, so she knew some of the signs.)

After fasting blood glucose test and a 2 hour glucose tolerance test, this endo diagnosed me.

I ask this question out of pure curiosity, and not as a way to blame myself. I am recovered from Anorexia and Bulimia and have been for the last 8 years or so. I am also the only diabetic in my family.

Ideas? Anyone else been through this?

Thanks in advance.

No, I think it more likely that your diabetes was caused by a poor choice in parents.

Ouch, Brian.

I didn't mean this personally. We often beat ourselves up thinking that our choices or behavior gave us diabetes. That is just wrong. The single biggest factor in T2 is genetics. And we don't choose our parents who give us the genetics. Jesikabeth didn't give herself diabetes because of her eating problems.

I apologize if my comment was taken in the wrong way.

I wasn't sure how you meant it so thanks for clarifying. :)

Sorry I had been on vacation. Is Type2 really genetics, even if there are no other diabetes in my entire family? Either way I was just curious :)

We never know what causes our condition. Even with T2, just having the genetic predisposition doesn't mean that you get T2 as a foregone conclusion. The genes have to be expressed. And we don't know what causes them to be expressed. And just to be clear, I have read a great deal about diabetes and I have never, ever seen anything that suggests that eating disorders are associated with the onset of diabetes.

Thank you for your response :)