Can G5 sensors and transmitters still be reset/restarted?

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After reading about the new G6 transmitters being sent out by Dexcom and how they’ve locked them down further in regards to resetting, I’m interested to know if they have also locked down the older G5 transmitters, or if they can still be reset?

Also, to restart a sensor with G5, do you just wait until the session has ended and then restart it? Just like with the G4?

I had the G4 a few years ago so have no experience with the new systems. I have contacted Dexcom (Canada) in regards to how long G5 will be supported, and they replied with “We don’t have end of life for G5. We still support G4”

I’m trying to compare the prices between G5/G6 if I’m able to restart or not, since I will have to pay 20% out of pocket for whatever system I go with, just trying to keep the costs down.

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Yes, but the latest G5 sensors don’t appear to be very reliable for more than a few days when re-started. The latest G5 sensors being sent out by Dexcom appear to last about 9-10 days so a re-start after the 7 days only gives good readings for about another 2-3 days.

At this point there is no known change to g4 and g5 transmitters. They both work with the same g4/g5 sensors.

The early g6 transmitters, with id 80xxxxx or 81xxxxx appear to still allow restart, but not newer 8Gxxxxx transmitters.
Depending on where you order from, there may still be 81xxxx available from some suppliers, but eventually they will have newer ones.

Are you using G5 app on phone, or G5 receiver?
I think both are same as G4, which I currently use. I either let current session end, or do stop sensor. Then wait 5-10 minutes and do start sensor, and this starts 2 hour wait on existing sensor.

I’m staying with G4 for now, due to lower costs (compared to no restart G6). But was able to test out G6 when Costco offered a lower price. I found accuracy about the same. G6 is easier to insert.

What is the mfg date of these? My G4 sensors are older, and still lasting 2 weeks on average.

The oldest ones I currently have in stock are 2020-02-05 and I only use them for 7 days as I am on Medicare and only stretch them from time to time to have a few spares so I don’t need to call Dexcom when I have a failure or need to travel or other inconvenient scheduling between my availability and Dexcom monthly subscription arrival. When I do extend these, usually 2-3 days is the maximum time I get reliable stable readings without ???

Oh I see, thank you.

I’m using a Tandem tSlim X2 as my receiver for now. Is it possible for the Dexcom to be connected to two devices at the same time? For example, the tSlim as well as a phone? Unfortunately Id on’t think the G4 transmitters work with the tSlim X2 :pensive:, guess I’m stuck to G5 or G6. I had an Animas Vibe pump before this and was basically forced off of it because of Animas shutting down…loved that pump and the G4 integration.

I guess I won’t take my chances on trying to get a 81xx transmitter. I buy directly from Dexcom, who I believe is the only supplier you can get them from here in Canada.

At this point I don’t know which will be cheaper…G6 is cheaper all around, but has the limitations,whereas G5 is significantly more expensive, but has the potential to extend some transmitters and perhaps sensors as well (allthough for not much longer, as @CJ114 mentioned)

If anyone has done some calculations on which is cheaper and are willing to post it here it would be much appreciated.

I will include the quotes Dexcom have given me here:

Yes, you can restart the G5, just like the G4. I’ve had both.

For me, others may vary, I find they (G4 and G5) are accurate for 28+ days - 7 initial days, with three restarts. Sometimes, very rarely, I will only get 14 days. Once the readings become questionable or dropped readings, I’ll change the sensor.

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Thank you. So it is basically just resetting the transmitter that is different from the G4? Are you still on the G5? Would you consider it more cost-effective compared to the G6?

You’re welcome.

The transmitter and the sensor are different.

I’m on the G5 now.

I replace the transmitter every three months, when it runs out. There are tricks to restart the G5 transmitter, but I haven’t done them. I use the Dexcom receiver (the old kind that clips to my belt).

It is my sensor that I restart.

I believe, because of the restarts I’m able to do on the sensor, the G5 is more economical and it is very accurate for me. I was/am disappointed that the transmitters only last half as long as the G4’s did.

So many people have varying experiences, it is really hard sometimes to know what is what.

@Jen is in Canada and she just went from Dexcom to Libre. She might be able to shed some light on all of this for you too.

In my experience, the G4 was the most cost-effective of any available system if stretching supplies.

Thanks! From what I read on (I believe) the Dexcom website, the G4 and G5 sensors are the same. Transmitters and receivers are different.

Thanks for chiming in. Do you have any opinion on G5 vs G6? Unfortunately i don’t think G4 is compatible with my tSlim X2 :slightly_frowning_face:

My understanding was dexcom sold 2 G5 transmitters for same price as 1 G4. Both with warranty to last 6 months (G5 each trans 90 days, x 2.) Some are shipped 1 G5 every 3 months, some get 2 shipped every 6 months.

Standard use, the G4 trans will run till it dies, sometimes up to a year. Each G5 transmitter has a counter, and will give warning, and die around 112 days. There are non-dexcom tools that can be used to continue reading G5 transmitter beyond 112, assuming battery still has power.
The G5s are slowly losing power when made. G4s are shipped with magnet that reduces battery drain, so most G4s trans will last up to a year once removed from box.

But the key cost is in the sensors. So if newer G4/G5 sensors are no longer resilient enough to last more than 7-10 days, that is what drives the cost up, due to reducing the restarts.

The G6 only became available here last week, so I haven’t had a chance to check it out yet. I’m currently using the Libre as that’s what’s covered by my insurance, as well as the MiaoMiao unofficial add-on when I want alarms (such as overnight). From what I’ve heard, G6 sensors and transmitters cannot be restarted except for those using apps like xDrip+ (which I have no experience with).

Thanks for mentioning this. I used to get two G5 transmitters, I believe for $570, until recently. I’d have to look back into my records to see if that is what I paid for two G4 transmitters. Just recently I switched to purchasing them (transmitters and sensors) at Costco’s/Sam’s Club for about a fourth of the cost, but that is for one transmitter. Once I no longer have commercial insurance, this may change when I’m purchasing them through Medicare - several years from now.

I was fine with getting one transmitter because it only took a day to get it; no hassle at all. And, I didn’t have to expend a lot of upfront cost for it.

Still, I’ll ask the next time about getting two transmitters and see what happens and what the cost will be. (Edited to add: Although, I am one transmitter ahead of my cycle right now. I had just started a transmitter, before I purchased another from Costco/Sam’s, so I when my three months is up, I’ll use the one on my shelf, and order a new one and have it on-hand for immediate backup.)

As for the sensors, I got my three boxes of four, for the three-month supply, matching my transmitter supply duration, for the same reduction in cost!

It was a happy day!

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So there is a way to restart a G5 Transmitter? Where can I find it, tried a search already.

I have experienced the same approximately 28 days for G5.

I use oldest ones first. But I got a 1 pack of G5 sensor and used it and only got 7 days so I think they might have changed new G5 sensors.

Damn that sucks. Please keep us updated if the newer ones you got still fail after 7 days

@DonR I found these videos that might help you; Katie is well-respected in the DOC.

Restart the G5 or G6 Transmitter:

Avoid the two hour warm up:

And, this link from right here at TuDiabetes might be of some help too:

I admit, I’m using sensors I got from several months ago. I have a nice stock pile.

I just got an order about a month ago, so when I change my sensor the next time, I’ll use one from the newest box and reply back. Keep in mind, it could be a while before I write back :slight_smile:

xDrip and Spike are two phone apps that allow you to reset your G5 transmitter.

If you use an iPhone, you can get info on how to get xDrip here:

I don’t use an Android phone and don’t know about xDrip for those phones. The app was originally created as an Android app so it may be an easier process to get it on these phones.

Spike is only for iPhones I think and you can get info here:

Spike is fairly complicated to get at this time and requires an Apple Developer account. In the past I restarted a couple of transmitters with Spike. Two I got a couple more months. One was problematic and never worked well.

Once you get the app for these programs, it is an easy process to reset transmitters.