Can having HIGH Blood Sugars make you feel depressed?

I have high sugars quite regular and have recently discovered that I am not the happy person I once was : (

hi, Leon, sorry you’re having so many highs. I notice you’re on shots. Perhaps you could take some small steps in a good direction by testing more, and keeping a more detailed log. This has helped me a lot (and getting lots of support here at TuD). I still have high readings more than I’d like, but I’m learning that my blood sugar number is just a number, and not a grade on how good a person I am. Testing 8-10 times a day now feels normal to me, I want to know what my numbers are before things get out-of-hand and I start to feel like crap. Keeping a better log helps me identify trends and problems. Just take a baby step in the right direction. We are here to help and support you always, no matter what. Please tell us how you are doing.

Hello Leon. I can perfectly understand how you feel. At first, I get so depressed when I dont see the blood sugar figures I want to see. Especially when I thought I did the right things (exercise, diet, etc). I agree with Marie. Test, test, test…Try keeping a log of activities you do and food you eat. Make a list of the situations that make your blood sugar high. Im sure your doctor can assist you on making certain adjustments. Have faith in yourself and beleive you can do this. We would be happy to listen, understand…and be your friend.

Yes yes yes. Soooo many factors re living with diabetes, as well as sthe stress, can make us depressed.

Hi Marie
Thanks for the advice its good to know that people are having the same problems with Diabetes and that there is help!!! I cannot believe i have had diabetes for 8 years and only now decided to check it out on the internet lol.
I myself do test quite regular but am quite scared of correction doses because i hate going to low, so i guess thats where i start.
It sounds like you are doing good in keeping controlled and thats always good to hear with diabetes.

Hi Teena

I appreciate the help!! That is exactly how i feel when I get a bad glugose reading and have also thought that i have done the right things!! Hopefully one day i will get it right lol.
Once again thanks for the reply and the help.

Here is a blog post about the emotions that we all feel at times.

Also be sure to read the ‘comments’ which follow for additional insight.

Hey Leon,

Lows make me feel genuinely depressed. Before the shaking hands & mental fuzziness starts, I get feelings of sadness & depression. Highs make me feel frustrated & aggravated.

Yep, testing & record keeping is the way to go. Takes so much constant tweaking & adjustment–oh, the joy! It’s the only way to get numbers more in line. Lately, I’ve been changing the time of injections to get a better handle on it. Each meal for me requires a different injection time–driving me crazy figuring this out.

Know how you feel about correcting & the possible lows that follow. Took me a lot of trial & error to get my correction dose right because what my doc said didn’t work. Feel a lot more confident about correcting now. A curse on those wicked highs!

yes test and keep a good log for everything.i have the dame problem and now tringh to get a hand on it. dont give into it .