Personality Changes with High Blood Sugar

Hi there-- Does anyone else feel as though only other diabetics understand how awful and different you feel when you have a high blood sugar? I become much more irritable, sensitive, etc. Sometimes I feel as though people think I am making excuses for myself, but I am normally a very happy-go-lucky woman. It's so frustrating.

So sorry Natalie....but indeed it can be so frustrating sometimes! It is true that personality and mood swings can be attributed to our sugar levels...sluggishness, crankiness and irritable when high, depressed and slow when low, or all of the above! I guess the situation makes us work harder to keep our levels on a safe range huh.
Im sure for people around you who cares, loves you and understands...the "happy-go-lucky" you will always be visible regardless :)

Awww, thank you Teena for your response and support. I really appreciate it! :)

If I can add a suggestion to Teena's post, be transparent about this with those that are close to you. Sometimes my family recognizes that a problem is developing before I do because I am acting out of my normal curmudgeonly zone.

My father was T1 and until I became one at age 21, I never knew about this. So for 21 years I just though he sometimes was a jerk. I wish he had told us kids.

oh geeze... yes happens all the time, I get super sensitive when low, panic stricken, anxiety when low and cranky, impatient and just down right miserable when I am high. Likely why I am still single..... lol

Beechbeard- Yes, I am quite transparent. I still feel as though I'm 'making excuses' for myself though. It is helpful to know that I am not alone in this, even though it sucks for all of us.

Thanks, Karebear1966- although I wish no one knew what it was like, I am glad to hear I'm not alone!

Natailie, you hit the nail on the head with this one. It is hard to manage these swings and being female and hormonal on top of it is even more trying sometimes. I can see definite patterns with BG's, mood swings, and specific times of the month. I often try to hide these feelings so not to burden others, but like Teena said, those that know us do understand. Hang in there. I try to embrace my inner happy and Bi^c%. :0)

KML- thank you for your response and support. Lucky us females who get to experience hormonal-ness on top of everything, eh!? Oh well, I am thankful that I do have very supportive family and friends in my life. However, it really can be a pain in the ■■■- just sayin'! haha.