Can I say I have the best family in the world?

This site has really opened up myself as a diabetic unlike I ever have. For the first time I’ve met others and shared experiences after 13 years of doing it myself and not knowing ANYONE that is a T1 diabetic or T2 for that matter. Mannys video on Youtube on the drawings that children made inspired me to send it to my entire family (and inlaws!) and shared with them this site and how active I have become on this site. It’s been an outlet for me in dealing with my diabetes. Anyway, my mom, aunt and cousins have family members have joined this site and I’m overwhelmed with support! I’ve ALWAYS had their support but to know they want to continue to learn about diabetes and root me on is just so overwhelming! I feel like I can do anything! I really am blessed to have such a great support system. This family allows anyone to be YOU no matter what…they will always be there for me. And the Tudiabetes community is so welcoming on anyone touched by this disease that it’s truly amazing to have found this place.

We both are blessed to have family that support you as you deal with diabetes. Enjoy them and don’t take them got granit not all are blesssed as we are.

it’s great to have families that support us and want to learn! God has most definitely blessed us with people- not just family but the tudiabetes community and friends- that are there for us no matter what :]