Tell Ellen De Generes About, Please!

If you find useful, please take a couple of minutes to let Ellen De Generes know about it:

If we make enough “noise” we may get mentioned on her show.

ooh I love her show!!!

Well I am new to TuDiabetes, but so far it has been awesome. I found the site through a diabetes blog. I am an 18 year type 1 diabetic. I am 26 years old. I have not had much of a support group other than a doc and family. So far Tudiabetes has been great. They have many groups to be a part of, all different types, for all different needs. One of the ones I am involved in is diabetic parents for those of us who are parents with diabetes. How to to talk your kids about your disease and whatnot. There are also so many friendly people on the site. All who have diabetes as well, which is just awesome and has been the best part for me because it has made me realize that i am not the only one who has struggles and becomes frustrated with my disease, because it is not always an easy thing to deal with, as i am having a hard time right now. I cannot wait to continue to become more involved with the site and to meet many more people. Amanda

I am glad you have found the site to work for you this way, Amanda.

Just submitted this:

I have been struggling with diabetes for 10 years. Most of this time has been spent feeling desperately alone, for even concerned family and friends can’t really understand the very physical and emotional toll this disease takes on a person. At Tu Diabetes I feel like I have a group of people I can talk to, who know where I’m coming from. From those who have been dealing with diabetes for fifty years to folks who were diagnosed last week, I have a sense of community and shared experience. These folks “get it” (as one recent discussion focuses on), and I for one and glad Tu Diabetes is there for me.

And I mean every word!

I did! This is the supporting family that I never had before.

Stupid email form doesn’t let non-North Americans fill it out:
Obigatory “State or Province” field, and no Nationality field…

Your words touched me deeply.

I am very glad to read you feel this way about the community, Michelle!

Here is what I said:

I was recently diagnosed with diabetes. This website has helped so much understanding the disease, and how to deal with things. The people are truly caring and want to help. I am very lucky to have found such a wonderful website and such wonderful people.

I went onto Ellen’s site and filled out the form. This site is truly amazing and has been a great support system! I hope gets mentioned on her show or better yet maybe Manny will make a guest appearence:)

Geez!!! That would be awesome!! :smiley:

THX a ton!

I respect your point of view. I just want to ask you to please not resort to insults (even if they are towards people outside the community) to express your disagreement. Remember what’s stated in the Terms of Use:

“About Harassment and Insults: It is OK to disagree about topics of discussion: we embrace diversity. It is NOT OK to insult or harass others because you disagree with them. This includes racial or religious slurs.”

With all due respect, Lynne, I am not arguing about your opinion, saying that it was true or not. I said I respected your point of view. I only asked you to please not resort to insults to express your point of view.

I don’t have any intention to start a war with you or anybody: that is far from the spirit here. If this means that you choose to no longer be a part of the community, I will be sorry to see you go, but we have to all abide by the terms of use.

Plus, I am not a fan or an opposer in particular of Ellen any more than I can be of Oprah or any other show host. My only intention when I started this topic was to promote the community and raise awareness about diabetes at large.