What Has TuDiabetes.com Meant For You?


Dear Friends:
I am proud to announce I am polishing up a press release… Yes: our first Press Release, to try to reach to more of our friends touched by diabetes around the world.

To finish it up, I would like to ask you if you wouldn’t mind sharing what has TuDiabetes.com meant for you: I would like to include at least a couple of your thoughts in the press release.

As always, THANK YOU all so much, because TuDiabetes IS all of you! TuDiabetes IS US.


I included a thought from Billy that I found in the site in the final press release. I thought his words were representative of a comment I have seen posted a few times,

If you know any members of the media that you feel could be interested in writing about us or there are any local publications in your area that you feel could carry an article about TuDiabetes.com, please take a few minutes and send them the link to the press release.

This is a very good way to help spread the word about the community!


allrighty :wink: To me it means hope, sounds weird but as a mother of a type 1, I automatically let my mind drift to the bad places but then I see older people here that have been living with it forever and it’s inspiring. I know it sucks that they have it but I “see” them and think, my son will make it.


For me it has meant I can talk to others who understand how I feel and will be happy to give their wisdom on how I should take care of it. Diabetesdoes get discusting at times and really does if everybody else in your house can eat what they want when they want and you keep getting told " I know more about diabetes than you do". Huh I DON’T THINK SO!! Do you have it no well please don’t tell me how I feel or what to do!!Here I get to meet other diabetics and can express my feelings. Back in the dark ages when I took diabetes nobody knew what it was or how to take care of it. I took it in 1973 and to top it off lived in a small town and went to a small country school where the class population was 350 in grades 1-12 and I was the only diabetic in the school or the small town where I grew up. You didn’t have the camps well you did but my dad decided that I would “out grow” this and would never admit to havind a child less that perfect. Another long story. And everybody treated me with kit gloves. I was the only child and granchild so when my mom passed I was left to take care of my greatuncle,grandmother,father, plus my 2 girls and husband.It kinda got way to big way to fast! I have been really thankful for this site just to see others have the same problems I do. I think it’s a great place to connect with others who have the same problems you do!!! Now I don’t feel as overwhemed!! Thanks to Manny!!!


Tudiabetes provides an environment that is visually rich and puts a face on the people we interact with online. It attracts a very supportive group of people of all ages who are both helpful and knowledgeable.

Thanks for putting the time and effort into building it, Manny!


For me, TuDiabetes means just having an entire network of people who understand me, reassure me, share stories with me and comfort me as I live and deal with my diabetes.


Diabetes can be such a lonely disease. Few understand it and relate to it, even though there are so many diabetics in the world. TuDiabetes make diabetes less lonely.


I was just reading this article in The Economist and thought it further validated what we see here every day: