I do Wish!

Since being on tudiabetes I have seen a lot of support, encouragement, friendship and have shed a few tears.

I do wish that tudiabetes was like a café where we could all meet and greet each other with a smile and an embrace, I do wish that the family I have made on tudiabetes where by my side in the real world.

I have seen the grandparents some with us some in a better place, the lovely mothers still giving the youngsters that little bit of a push for the future. Can’t forget the fathers all strong and wise then we have the cool collected aunties in the background with their fantastic outfits that the youngsters want to steal from time to time. How about the youngsters all different ages, backgrounds looking for support encouragement and to also give their point of view whilst making mistakes from time to time.

I do wish that tudiabetes was like a café where we could come in share our mistakes and not get judged for it.

Wish that the brothers on their motorbikes and crazy adventures would be a little bit more careful or let me join in. The sisters with their glad rags as well as their fabulous earrings doing the catwalk of life, whilst dealing with both the highs and lows of life and diabetes.

I do wish that tudiabetes was like a café because even though we have never met we all share something that makes us close and care for a total stranger on the opposite side of the world.

Most of all I am glad that tudiabetes exists and I can go there talk to my wide family members from all over the world so that I can help them and that they can help to make life with diabetes that little bit more easier.

Nicely written!

So lovely, Osob.

Beautiful! I add my same wish here too!

well said!

Well said. I couldn’t agree more.

THANK YOU for saying (so elequently) what I feel!

Osob, please tell me if you ever plan to be in NYC!

Thank you everyone and Marie I hope to touch down in NYC one day if God makes it poss and I will let you know.

What a beautiful thought. I echo the sentiment also.