Can I use fast acting insulin to act as 2nd phase insulin?

When eating a mixed carb, fat, protein meal which takes hours to digest, can I use my humolg a couple of hours after the meal to act as the 2nd phase insulin?

Yes, you can. Just be very careful to calculate in how much insulin you’ve already got on board & keep testing so you don’t go low. Humalog lasts up to four hours for many people.

The other thing you can try & it takes lots of testing & trial & error, is changing the timing of your meal injection. Depending on your BG two hours after eating, you could try taking your insulin later.

You could also try an intermediate acting insulin like regular which lasts up to 6 hours after meals. I used regular when I was pregnant to cover one meal and one snack.

Before I got my pump I used to split injections for meals like that, about 80% up front and 20% about two hours later. I actually found it worked more reliably than the combo bolus feature on my pump, probably because I was able to add on a small correction to the second injection if needed.

Dusk , your discussion showed headlines on March 25, 2010 …is there still the same concern as you had in Sept. 2009 or did you get this resolved ??? Your profile is somewhat confusing …type 1/type 2 .

There are no set rules but guidelines to the use of insulin. Trial and error and lots of testing to get it where you want it but always be careful of lows.