Can I use Tandem infusion sets on an Accu-Chek?

In some videos I’ve watched it looks like the Tandem infusion set tubing attachment would fit the accu-chek. Does anyone know? Thanks, Kelly

The old ones used a standard luer lock connection. They switched a few months ago to a proprietary “t:lock” connection, though. You can still buy the luer lock ones for a limited time while people are using up their old stock of cartridges. You might be able to find them on the black market cheap right now, too, since people have little use for old ones they still had on hand.

Note, I don’t have any experience with the accu-check, but if it is a standard luer lock, said oldder sets would work. Current new sets would not.

Thanks Robyn. Accu-chek uses a standard luerlock. I was hoping I could use the new tubing from tandem. It sure looked like they’d work. Aren’t they plugging the tubing into the small length of tubing coming from the pump.

Yes, they look very similar, but trust me… They’re not.

I used to be able to plug the big insulin fill syringes, without the needle, right into the tubing to suck out the residual insulin because the syringes also have a luer lock connection. You can’t do that anymore. The pieces just don’t marry.

The new t:lock connections are smaller all around in an attempt to waste less insulin during priming. By streamlining the connection, it uses about four units less insulin for me. I do notice a few extra tiny air bubbles that don’t get worked out in that air space anymore, though.



Why do they do these things? Wouldn’t it be better for them financially to have a universal lock so they would fit on any pump? Just a rhetorical question.

Actually not rhetorical at all.
The financial aspect was in fact a key part of the business decision to go this route. This approach will generate more revenue for Tandem and is a key part of the decisions that have allowed Tandem to weather its financial difficulties.

IMHO, Tandem now has their financial troubles behind them and is moving full steam ahead.

For better or worse, if switching to the t:lock was required to keep Tandem in business then it becomes (IMHO again) a good thing.

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