Can’t get through to Tandem CS

This is the second time I can’t get through to CS, anyone else have this happen? I called the other day, and was on hold for at least 1/2 hr. I ended up asking for a call back and no one ever did. Now I am hold for 15 minutes at least. These are minor issues I am calling about but what if my pump fails etc.

I wouldn’t stress over the “What If”.

Not worth it.

Just focus on your needs now.

Do you have a question that somebody here can help with?

Is there a separate customer and technical support number and hours?

No it is just how to get a new charging cover on cause mine is breaking again. I have a spare they sent me. I have to worry though because I have had 4 pumps replaced due to failure and that could happen again at any time.

No, they are open 24 hrs CS calls.

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Same phone number. Different options once you get into the call with the computer.
Customer Service is only open during regular business hours.
Technical Support is 24x7.

Here is a really good video that shows how to change out the USB cover for the X2.


Thanks! They did call back this time. I will watch that.

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