Tandem Supply Line

Hello - This is a long shot, but does anyone have a way of getting ahold of Tandem other than through their 877-801-6901 number?

I have called them a few times and have been on hold for quite literally 40 minutes with no answer. I order my pump supplies directly through them, and they are on auto re-order…at least they were until, for some reason, it stopped a couple of weeks ago. I am not able to order the supplies online and I really need to talk to someone there so I can get more supplies.

This is so utterly frustrating. Why do they make it so hard to get more pump supplies?? ARG.

I have to go through a vendor. I find them easier then going direct to Tandem.

“Frustrating” is a kind way to characterize the current customer service you’re receiving from Tandem. I would try calling very early in their day. The order support for pump supplies shows a 5 am to 5 pm (Pacific Time) business day. Or you could try the corporate headquarters line. Here’s a screen shot of their contact phone numbers:


Thanks so much, Terry.

I finally got ahold of them through text message! They occasionally will correspond via text to let you know that the credit card on file is out of date, or something along those lines. I found a text from many months ago that, thankfully, I hadn’t deleted. I sent a message to that number and someone finally responded.

Apparently, when doing my auto re-order insurance benefits check, they found that my insurance was inactive. It’s not. I’ve had the same insurance for many years. I had to send them all of my insurance information again and they did a check and found that it was not, in fact, inactive. They told me that I would get free expedited shipping for the inconvenience, but I did not. They put the order in for standard shipping and it’s not arriving until mid-next week… hopefully before the holiday. At this point I’m just happy that it went through.


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I’ve never been on hold for that long. I actually called them yesterday to pause the auto refill of my cartridges because I have so many. I got right through to a human, no wait at all.

Earlier this year I realized I hadn’t gotten my 90 day shipment so I had to call. They had no idea why it hadn’t gone out.

Diabetes certainly can teach reliance. Good for you for figuring it out. I hope the shipment comes before the holiday. If not, your blood glucose meter can see you through.

By the way, I don’t delete any of my emails or texts so that using my search function often reveals what my memory cannot! Good thinking. :wink:

If you’re willing to use email, try these:
techsupport@tandemdiabetes.com (mostly for technical questions)
TandemCares@tandemdiabetes.com (mostly for everything else…I think)
I have sent to both for one problem, but only got an answer from one (no, I don’t remember the problem, nor which one answered)

I’ve been encountering the same issue with getting through to Tandem on their 800 line. When I call them, eventually I get an option to leave a voice mail message. They have been good about calling me back after I leave a voice mail. It seems I got dropped off their auto refill, too. During my last call to them this week, the rep sort of indicated that their portal isn’t working well (the quantities for my order were incorrect, but did get corrected as I was talking with the rep). It may take a couple hours for them to return your call, but they do call back. I totally agree, it should not be so difficult to get our needed supplies.

If they stated that you’d get free shipping and then charged you, call them back and request a credit for the shipping (provide the date of the original call). They may have to check the recording of your initial phone call before issuing you the credit. It’s worth a shot! Good luck!

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