Customer service #?

Hi! I had a pod failure this morning, and I would like to call Insulet to let them know about the occurrence and get that pod replaced. I just looked on the OmniPod website, and I couldn’t find the 24 hour support number. Does anyone have it handy? Thank you so much!

Try this number 1-800-591-3455 its off the package

It is on the back of the PDM;)
We had a failure this am too…

866-232-3640 Option #1

Have your PDM handy so you can read the error message. Also have the POD Lot # and Serial #.

Wow…after all this time, I never noticed that it was on the back of the PDM.

UNFORTUNATELY, they will NOT replace the pod for a failure…

Depends on when the pod failure was during the life of the pod. Filling w/ insulin and it fails, yes. Put it on and insert canula and it fails, yes. Usually under 12 hrs on the body, yes (although this one I think depends on whomever your talking w/ in the cust. service dept). After that, maybe not so much (for example on the evening of day 2 when you have less than 24 hrs left, etc).

Maggie others have already mentioned it, but the PDM has the # on the back (so you don’t have to keep up with yet one more number in our hectic lives :wink:
Good luck!

I’ve never had an issue for a Bad pod that has an error message. If it’s an occlusion, they will refuse.

Thank you, everyone, for the help! I never noticed that the phone # was on the pod! It was a failure, not an occulsion, just after a new pod was activated and cannula was inserted. Those always make me so mad! Luckily I was able to pull most of the insulin back out. It did make me late for work though :-/ Thanks again!

I used to throw the pods away when there was an error but it started happening more frequently so I called Insulet. They walked me through the menu on the PDM to find out how many errors I received in the past 6 months. They promptly sent me ALL the pods I lost due to errors. I also think it depends on the representative you’re dealing with although every time I call for any reason, they’re very accommodating.