Can this be real? Bood Glucose and clothing

I have noticed a correlation, I think, between my blood glucose and what I wear. Hang on, this is perhaps not so wierd.

First of all, I am type 2. I keep my BG between 130 and 160 through eating really boring stuff, taking metformin, jenuvia, victoza, you all know the drill. If I ate what I want and skipped the drugs I would be in the high 200s.

Like a lot of folks my suits don’t fit anymore. Just tight enough to be very uncomfortable, but not tight enough to throw out. I have had to wear a suit a few times in the last several months, and it seems that on days I wear the suit my BG is higher.

Then the other day I found an old pair of jeans that were also a bit too tight. I said what the heck and wore them for a few days, and guess what, my BG was higher.

So the last week I have worn nothing but sweat pants, that fit great, and my BGs are staying down.


Have any of you experienced this?

Here is my attempt at an explanation - I know that the upper third of the intestine has a huge role in the metabolic syndrome. Could extra tight sinching of the mid section cause digesting food to stay longer in the areas of the digestive tract involved with extracting sugar, or the feedback mechanisms to stop making sugar, disrupting things?

Or perhaps this is entirely a red herring. An arbitrary correlation that won’t stand up to scrutiny, or perhaps is due to something else coincedent with uncomfortable clothing.

I don’t know, but when I’m stressed my #'s go up. Tight clothes make me stressed, so I had attributed my high #'s to that. You’ve given me food for though!